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Weekly Margin Calendar 4.8 5 24 24
Excellent Purchase This calendar is extremely functional. I am at my computer all day and it is perfectly positioned to jot notes, look up dates and keep an eye on appointments through out the day. I have tried many day planners and calendars and this is the one I always go back to day in and day out. I would love to see a this come with some kind of stand to prop it up. Levenger sold a solid wood stand several years ago but I can't seem to find it now. Please bring back a stand. February 4, 2014
Great little calendar! I've been searching for a small calendar with large writing areas and this one is PERFECT! I have it standing up behind my keyboard. I can see it at a glance, write notes, and flip ahead with ease. My boss loves it too! Gonna buy her one as well! January 28, 2014
Suggest reversing the binding edge I would rate this all 5 stars, but found that the corners of the pages would curl or flip up as my arm/wrist would brush across while typing on my laptop. So I flipped it around to have the spiral binding closer to me and flip the pages down to access the calendar as needed, then close it back up. The paper quality is wonderful and the fit across the bottom of my 17" laptop and the riser/wristrest is a perfect fit. It is a neat& organized way to jot down quick notes or doodle an idea (was using sticky notes before). January 10, 2014
The Best Desk Calendar!! This is my best purchase yet!! It fits perfectly on my desk at home and at work. Easy to flip ahead and make notes. My friends that have seen it now want one. Great product! January 5, 2014
Saved My Life I recently changed OSX systems and the layout program I used to make my own weekly calendar (very similar to yours) is no longer available to me. When I found your calendar you saved me hours and hours of work! It's a bit longer than mine which means I have to clear off my desk a bit more but what a life-saver!! Thank you Levenger I'm so glad I found you. Only suggestion is I like to color code things and the paper weight is a bit light so I gave functionality 4 stars. December 28, 2013
Great Alternative I used to print out a calendar every week. It would slosh around on my desk, and I would try to fit notes and reminders in around the edges. Now I have a space-efficient way to organize my week on Monday and add handwritten notes all week. I'd give it the fifth star for function if it left just a little bit of room at the bottom to add evening appointments, and a fifth star for quality if the front cover with the year calendar were card stock like the back, for durability. Actually, the quality is excellent, like all Levenger products andI can use my fountain pen with no problems. December 28, 2013
Love this upgrade I have ordered the undated, previous version of this calendar/ organizer. I much prefer the spiral binding and having the dates already filled in. I also like the addition of the to do list and lines on the back side of the pages. Very helpful. My only complaint - and is is one that made me heavily consider purchasing this item - is that the week starts on a Sunday! Whose week starts on a Sunday? I mean really? My week starts on Monday and ends with a weekend Sa/Su. This format makes it difficult to visually chart out the whole week through the weekend. I will hope that future versions will change this. December 22, 2013
Great Tool The margin calendar is great for keeping up with critical tasks, billable hours and key notations throughout the year. I work from home so I leverage for both work and personal items. I also give as a Christmas gift to my staff - they love the margin calendar too! December 14, 2013
Best Calendar!! I started using a calendar like this over 15 years ago and the company went out of business. I loved it so much, I made my own for many years - imagine my excitement when Levenger started selling one a lot like the one I had. Been using theirs since they first started selling this. Only thing that would make it better - design and sell a "holder:" similar to the one in the picture - but sized to fit the calendar. Mine is a little too small and I had to modify it to create the elevation. December 7, 2013
Use every day I have used this calendar for the past several years and love it. I'm at the computer all day and use it to track meetings I attend and due dates of various work products and days my team members are out or will be arriving late. It's great for these types of notes and I never have to search my desk for it. It is always at my keyboard! December 7, 2013
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