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Vivacious 3x5 Cards Set of 3 5 5 4 4
Love these!!!! So handy- and sturdy. Use to track multiple types of processes within work projects. Highly recommend. July 24, 2014
Another set for my collection! I'm a sucker for 3x5 cards and Levenger delivers! Every time I look at the catalog they have a new set and I must, MUST have them. I still don't know what I'm gonna use these for, so many ideas come to mind, but I'm glad they're here. I love that they offer them in a set of three so I can have variety, as opposed to having just too many of one style. I love all your products, I'm the coolest one in class with my supercool Levenger products, keep up the good work! December 14, 2013
Great cards. Excellent customer service. I really like these cards. They make my to-do lists more fun. I intend to use the green cards as holiday gift tags. December 7, 2013
YEAYYYY...finally... we're getting somewhere, BRAVO Levenger, Beautiful Sturdy Cards and verrrrrrrry useful, love them!! Hopeully we see PLEAAAASEEEE a very pretty Please, some Junior Dock its again for 3x5 and may 1 Leather Action Folio for 3x5s???? may in Harmony with Ipad Folio??? All righty, don't want to ask to much... I will be patient. Thanks Levenger for this great Cards. October 19, 2013
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