Aluminum Circa Discs 34 inch set of 11 4.7 5 13 13
Love them! These aluminum discs are great! They make it so easy to turn the pages, I just wish I could get them in red in the 3/4 inch. July 3, 2014
Circa Products Circa products are the best! They help me organize my work,and I can stay up-to-date by easily remvoing and replacing pages when necessary. People always comment on how neat my office is when they come to visit. They see tons of notebooks, and they all are neatly arranged in the bookcase. In addition, they are colorful. The color coding helps me stay organized, too. When I was writing textbooks, each co-author had his/her set of chapters in circa notebooks. We could add and subtract chapters as needed. Works great! I highly recommend Circa systems. June 19, 2014
Good Quality... But not what I expected I was expecting brushed aluminum and these are pretty shiny and not really what I was expecting. As I use my notebook everyday and for everything, it gets used. I think brushed aluminum would look a lot better. I am fearful that it will get scratched and look bad, this is why I moved away from the plastic discs. If you looking for shiny and not brushed, you will be happy with these. February 16, 2014
If only they came in more colors... As other reviewers have noted, pages do seem to slide across these dics more smoothly than they do on plastic discs. Notebooks somehow also seem more substantial when these dics are used. I will admit, however, that function was not what drew me to these dicsc - it was the colors! I have them in silver, teal, emerald, lavender, bluish-purple and gold. I'm heartbroken that Levenger's appears to be discontinuing this products in colors. Even though I think they are over-priced, color is my weakness. A utilitarian object like a notebook can be a thing of pleasure when it includes a simple splash of color and a beautiful leather cover! January 11, 2014
Far Outshines Basic Discs I am so in love with these aluminum circa discs, which I got in the gorgeous teal color! I am using them as replacements for the standard discs that came with my letter sized book cloth notebook (the discs which I found disappointing in quality). Circa punched pages glide effortlessly on these aluminum discs, making for a much more enjoyable note taking experience. I can't wait to order more of these for my other notebooks! November 16, 2013
If you love your circa notebook, worth the splurge I have 25+ circa notebooks w a variety of disc colors & brands (make my own plastic covers with the circa leverage punch). These aluminum ones are my favorites. I have them in teal, garnet, and a few colors not available currently, like gold, silver, icy blue). Truly a pleasure to use (smoothest page turning of any brand, better even than Levenger's resin ones). Look sharp/classy, lightweight, and durable. Any of the colors would look great on a black or clear notebook. Teal is a little harder to find a cover colors that matche. An outrageously expensive luxury (try to get on sale), but like all Levenger discs, quality is stellar and you *will* notice the difference July 30, 2013
great upgrade The Levenger notebooks, now at over $100, look exactly like the arc notebooks from Staples for $20. They share a leather cover and cheap nasty plastic rings. These premium rings are a HUGE upgrade and should be standard on the notebooks. Do yourself a favor and immediately get rid of the plastic rings and switch to these. You will not be disappointed. Price is ridiculous for something that should be standard, but they are worth it. June 8, 2013
Excellent I replaced the discs that came with the bomber jacket circa with these aluminum discs in a larger size because I wanted to add dividers and carry more paper. The aluminum discs make page turning even easier that the plastic discs. I highly recommend them. My only recommended improvements would be to offer more colors and reduce the price a little. June 8, 2013
Sleek & Stylish The silver Aluminum discs are very sleek and stylish and add that professional look to any notebook. They are also extremely functional as the notebook covers & pages seems to slide better on these than any others. I am going to get them in 2 more colors soon! May 26, 2013
Classy and Functional! I purchased these discs in Plum for use with my new Carezza notebook in Eggplant. Wow, do they look amazing together! I've already received many compliments from people and inquiries on where they can buy one of their own. Who would've thought that a small little notebook could cause such a stir? Great job on these Levenger! My only request is please make the aluminum discs in a darker purple as well as turquoise. February 24, 2013
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