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Aluminum Circa Discs 34 inch set of 11 4.7 5 19 19
Love These Discs! Purchased the Aluminum discs to replace the black ones that came with the leather bound Circa notebook! I love the look and the ease of turning pages. Well worth the upgrade! September 4, 2014
Sizing These are beautiful! But - perhaps I misunderstood - the size is the inside measurement, where the pages actually fit, not the overall diameter of the disc. So a 3/4" disc actually is 15/16" and a little bulky for writing using the 3"x5" cards, in a reporter style set up. I'll save them for storing saved notes and order the 1/2" and 1/4" in basic black plastic. Wish List - make the aluminum in smaller size. Thank you! March 9, 2015
Smooth and shiny Even though I've been a fan of Circa for years, this is the first time I have purchased additional rings--and it has been truly worthwhile. I had received a memo-sized notebook as a gift and I carry it with me most days. Because I needed to add extra pages, I bought a set of the larger rings. I love than I can update my favorite notebook this way--plus the shiny aluminum disks stand out from the nether reaches of my tote. Brilliant! January 8, 2015
More color options, please! The silver aluminum disks are a pleasure to use, but please, please make the 3/4" size available in more colors. I was so disappointed to find I can't have these in blue. January 8, 2015
Wish I had purchased sooner! WOW! Did not know what I was missing! Love these aluminum discs --- and wish I ad purchased the teal and red ones to go with the journals and sketchbooks I have. I finally got around to ordering them after reading a review that said the pages turned more smoothly with these than the plastic kind. LOVE them for the Smart agenda and eventually will replace all! Still hoping the COLORS will come back;-) October 30, 2014
I purchased another set of aluminum discs as I loved how much easier the pages turn. I'm glad they are shiny as I think the dull or matte finish would not be as slick for the pages to turn on. I only wish I had purchased some additional when there were more colors available. July 31, 2014
Love them! These aluminum discs are great! They make it so easy to turn the pages, I just wish I could get them in red in the 3/4 inch. July 3, 2014
Circa Products Circa products are the best! They help me organize my work,and I can stay up-to-date by easily remvoing and replacing pages when necessary. People always comment on how neat my office is when they come to visit. They see tons of notebooks, and they all are neatly arranged in the bookcase. In addition, they are colorful. The color coding helps me stay organized, too. When I was writing textbooks, each co-author had his/her set of chapters in circa notebooks. We could add and subtract chapters as needed. Works great! I highly recommend Circa systems. June 19, 2014
Good Quality... But not what I expected I was expecting brushed aluminum and these are pretty shiny and not really what I was expecting. As I use my notebook everyday and for everything, it gets used. I think brushed aluminum would look a lot better. I am fearful that it will get scratched and look bad, this is why I moved away from the plastic discs. If you looking for shiny and not brushed, you will be happy with these. February 16, 2014
If only they came in more colors... As other reviewers have noted, pages do seem to slide across these dics more smoothly than they do on plastic discs. Notebooks somehow also seem more substantial when these dics are used. I will admit, however, that function was not what drew me to these dicsc - it was the colors! I have them in silver, teal, emerald, lavender, bluish-purple and gold. I'm heartbroken that Levenger's appears to be discontinuing this products in colors. Even though I think they are over-priced, color is my weakness. A utilitarian object like a notebook can be a thing of pleasure when it includes a simple splash of color and a beautiful leather cover! January 11, 2014
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