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Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Black, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Red, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Saddle, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Saddle, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
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Ambi Folio, Letter

Price: $159.00
Item: AL5780
Handy for digitals, too
This sleek leather portfolio also welcomes your tablet or e-reader, whether an iPad, or Nook or Kindle.

Because left-handed writers also deserve the best
At Levenger, we love all (hand)writers, right or left! So we thought it only right that those who write with their left hand be able to carry a high-quality folio like the Ambi.
  • Can accommodate your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other electronic reader
  • Ziparound closure keeps your contents neatly contained
  • Comes with a high-quality Levenger note pad
  • Pockets for business and 3 x 5 cards
  • Pen pockets on either end
  • Pocket for loose papers
  • Smooth full-grain leather
  • 10 1/4W x 1 1/4D x 13H
A left-handed salute
We know that left-handers sometimes feel left out. Well, no more with this ambidextrous folio. Besides, you’re part of a famous group that includes Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keanu Reeves, James Cameron, Sting and Prince William. Oh—and Einstein. Brilliant! 

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Ambi Folio Letter 4.8 5 36 36
I Ambi'n Love with my Folio Poem I searched high and low For a professional folio To hold a pad and notes With a zipper so I could totes All my business needs So easily. I'm a lefty and you get me With your red leather perfect-y. April 18, 2010
Love the color! I bought this particular folio because I'm left handed. I love the color, the leather and the left handed side for note pads! It's made organizing my hectic work day a whole lot easier. July 21, 2013
Great quality Very nicely designed folio with wonderful leather. Space for everything you need for a meeting in a professional package. July 15, 2013
Office on the go I am able to put all I need for a few days to a week to include a large notebook and multiple printouts. This folio is big enough to also carry those little good to have items, such as pens, flags, thumb drives ect that make life easy. This is by far the best folio I have used. June 4, 2013
Beautiful but not quite made for lefties. I just got this so I cannot make a statement on longevity. I can only confirm that this is a beautiful padfolio. It looks very classy and professional, suitable for men and women. Has just the right size, large enough to hold a reasonable amount of stuff but still easy to carry. The leather is beautiful and not too thin. The overall quality appears very good. I But here is what really bugs me: I got this because it is made for both left- and right handed people. In other words, this is the only folio that Levenger makes that is suitable for left-handed people. I was happy to find one for lefties only to find out that it is still intended for right-handed people. Sure, you can orient the pad in either direction but when lefties use this pad one of the pockets is open on the bottom. I will still be able to use this but I was hoping for something that would be perfect for lefties. August 3, 2012
Fits MacBook Air 13" Perfectly I've had this folio for years...pretty sure it is an Ambi...and always appreciated the styling and the great feel in the hand that it provided. I was doing a lot of consulting and used it daily. A few years back I stopped seeing clients and put the folio on the shelf. Last year I picked up a MacBook Air 13" laptop and spent a month or so looking for a nice case to carry it in. I'm traveling these days and the Air goes everywhere with me. I wanted a case that was stylish, functional, and different than what everyone else carried. I couldn't find anything that I liked! One day I was pulling a reference off my shelf, and there was the Ambi. Would the MacBook fit? It does, perfectly. I did take the zipper pull off of the inside compartment so that it wouldn't scratch the laptop, and of course the paper pad came out, too. There's room for an iPad in the inside compartment as well as a handful of papers to work on, and the small loops on the sides hold a stylus and a pen. I think that people are often surprised when I open up this thin, elegant folio and out pops a laptop! I'm thrilled to be using the folio again. January 26, 2012
Exactly what I wanted/needed! I am an assistant professor in the Humanities and Teacher Education and I just received my new saddle portfolio. It is absolutely perfect for my daily teaching load, meetings, and conference presentations. I am so happy to have such a nice, professional looking portfolio that is neither bulky nor cheap. I ordered the saddle because, although the black would be more professional, it is not so boring! The size is perfect and will keep me even more organized and because it is not too bulky, I can't get overloaded. A note on the leather, it is spectacularly supple. It is thick, but feels soft as chamois. I am so 100% satisfied. January 13, 2012
Stylish Function I just purchased this portfolio and like the punch the red leather gives to a classic style. I like using something that is a little different that the pack and this certainly fits the bill. I hesitated to get a zipped folio thinking it would be too bulky and cumbersome. It really isn't and allows storage and safety of papers, etc. because it has the gusseted compartment and zippered binding. It is flexible enough to fold in the center when there isn't space to use it open. I am very pleased with my purchase. I downgraded the function because I don't like the pen holders. They are ok, but I just zip my pen in the folder instead of inserting it in the slot. September 6, 2011
please make this in legal size! Beautiful folio, but does no one make these in legal size any more? Thanks. November 17, 2010
The Genuine Article I gifted this to my GC who is a lefty who raves about this product. Six months later, I got one for myself and couldn't be happier. I actually can throw in a slimmer circa notebook along with a few files...not the biggest but that isn't what I was looking for. I use a briefolio for more capacity. I am typically carrying my laptop on my back and this ambi folio and the briefolio to work...all in all a light and efficient way to go. Another great product that I look forward to using for a long time. March 10, 2010
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