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Organize in durable, classic style with our expertly crafted collection of leather briefcases, bags and business totes. Shop for men's briefcaseswomen's totes, laptop cases, computer sleeves and more. Whether you need to transport your laptop or just a few files, we hope you'll find the briefcase or business bag you're looking for here.

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Blossom Tote

Item: AM2680

Price: $99.00

Blair Expandable Briefbag

Item: AL14020

Price: $359.00

Blair Briefbag

Item: AL14025

Price: $259.00

Blossom Pouch

Item: AM2685

Price: $29.00

Ivy Tote

Item: AL14070

Price: $299.00

Shores Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2695

Price: $69.00

Cabana Shores Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2700

Price: $79.00

C38 by Vocier

Item: AM2730

Price: $595.00

Madison Bucket Bag

Item: AL13930

Price: $369.00 Now $329.00

Sympatico Travel Tote

Item: AM2725

Price: $199.00

Tusting Coco

Item: AL13895

Price: $309.00

Parker Backpack

Item: AL13940

Price: $299.00

Quartermaster Carry-On

Item: AM2705

Price: $995.00

Quartermaster Carry-On Homme

Item: AM2710

Price: $925.00

Parker Tote

Item: AL13935

Price: $199.00

Rugby Briefolio®

Item: AL13875

Price: $129.00

Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0

Item: AL13795

Price: $399.00 Now $319.00

Wingtip Satchel

Item: AL13670

Price: $369.00

Jacqueline Bookbag

Item: AM2590

Price: $99.00 Now $89.00

Jacqueline Pouch

Item: AM2595

Price: $29.00 Now $19.00

Jacqueline Bookbag and Pouch

Item: AM2600

Price: $115.00

Tusting Ashton Tote

Item: AL13740

Price: $359.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Attaché

Item: AL13825

Price: $229.00

Tusting Cardington Handbag

Item: AL13745

Price: $269.00

Bomber Jacket Backpack Brief 2.0

Item: AL13830

Price: $349.00 Now $279.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger

Item: AL7420

Price: $279.00 Now $219.00

Burnished Envelope Briefbag

Item: AL13715

Price: $399.00 Now $249.95

Audrey Briefbag

Item: AL13655

Price: $349.00 Now $299.00

The Navigator Backpack

Item: AL13780

Price: $299.00

The Navigator Crossbody

Item: AL13785

Price: $225.00

Tusting Pouch (limited edition colors)

Item: AL13735

Price: $159.00

Uptown Reversible Tote

Item: AL13490

Price: $299.00 Now $229.00

Triple-Zip Briefbag

Item: AL13630

Price: $349.00 Now $179.95

Tusting Honeydon Briefolio®

Item: AL13730

Price: $299.00

Majorca Briefbag

Item: AL11015

Price: $259.00

Commuter Laptop Messenger

Item: AM2460

Price: $149.00 Now $75.95

Tusting Clipper

Item: AL0450

Price: $479.00 Now $399.00

Fortunata Tote

Item: AL0870

Price: $299.00

Stealth Briefbag

Item: AL13050

Price: $459.00 Now $299.95

Your Bag, Your Way Tote

Item: AL13100

Price: $359.00 Now $219.95

St. Tropez Tote in Pewter

Item: AL13635

Price: $199.00

Kriss Kross Traveler

Item: AL13660

Price: $189.00

Cate Convertible Backpack

Item: AL13665

Price: $239.00 Now $165.95

Bloomsbury Bookbag, Denim/Pewter

Item: AM2520

Price: $79.00

Framework Tech Backpack

Item: AM2575

Price: $99.00

Sydney Satchel 2.0

Item: AL13590

Price: $399.00 Now $249.95

Brooklyn Saddle Bag

Item: AL13625

Price: $199.00

Tusting Canvas Travel Brief

Item: AM2510

Price: $459.00 Now $349.95

Commuter Messenger & Laptop Sleeve

Item: AM2465

Price: $198.00 Now $169.00

Uptown Reversible Tote and Downtown Crossbody

Item: AL13500

Price: $438.00 Now $399.00

Downtown Crossbody

Item: AL13495

Price: $139.00 Now $99.00

Majorca Expandable Laptop Bag

Item: AL10500

Price: $359.00

Levenger Metro Messenger (Stocked with Tools)

Item: AM2365

Price: $99.00 Now $69.00

Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL13360

Price: $199.00

Tusting Briefbag with Laptop Sleeve

Item: AL5670

Price: $649.00 Now $549.00

Bomber Jacket Messenger

Item: AL7405

Price: $249.00 Now $199.00

Tusting Explorer

Item: AL0390

Price: $699.00 Now $579.00

Traveler Duffel Bag

Item: AM2395

Price: $299.00 Now $149.95

The Frequent Flyer Laptop Briefbag

Item: AM2535

Price: $249.00 Now $149.00

@work Slim Rolling Brief

Item: AM2635

Price: $389.00

@work Large Expandable Rolling Brief

Item: AM2640

Price: $479.00

Blossom Tote and Pouch

Item: AM2690

Price: $115.00

Commuter Laptop Sleeve

Item: AM2455

Price: $49.00

Marley Teardrop Multi-Zip Backpack

Item: AL0260

Price: $139.00

Baseline Compact Garment Bag

Item: AM2605

Price: $349.00

Baseline Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag

Item: AM2610

Price: $529.00

Tusting Messenger Brief

Item: AL0145

Price: $479.00 Now $349.00

Varsity Duffel

Item: AM2580

Price: $299.00 Now $179.00

Varsity Duffel Bag with Travel Kit

Item: AM2585

Price: $389.00

Kinzie Street Cabin Bag

Item: AM2650

Price: $249.00

Tusting Luxury Luggage Tag

Item: AL13225

Price: $49.00 Now $35.00

Kinzie Street Horizontal Tote

Item: AM2655

Price: $229.00

Kinzie Street Medium Backpack

Item: AM2665

Price: $249.00

Marley Crossbody Organizer

Item: AL0280

Price: $159.00

Kinzie Street Micro Messenger

Item: AM2670

Price: $229.00

Kinzie Street Simple Duffel

Item: AM2675

Price: $249.00

Tusting Briefolio®

Item: AL6330

Price: $299.00 Now $249.00

Bomber Jacket Expandable Briefolio®

Item: AL0605

Price: $199.00 Now $179.00

Tusting Shoulder Strap, Extra Long

Item: AL12330

Price: $29.00

Bomber Jacket Briefolio®

Item: AL7410

Price: $159.00 Now $125.00

Bomber Jacket Flip ID Wallet

Item: AL9845

Price: $89.00 Now $45.00

Essential Briefolio®

Item: AL9455

Price: $99.00

Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio

Item: AL7455

Price: $149.00

Bomber Jacket Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL9405

Price: $49.00

Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap

Item: AL7415

Price: $89.00 Now $69.00

Bomber Jacket Electronics Hold-All Case

Item: AL10015

Price: $99.00 Now $89.00

Tusting Hide Cream

Item: CA2670

Price: $11.00

Bomber Jacket Cord Roll

Item: AL13040

Price: $99.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Zip Pro Folio

Item: AL12965

Price: $129.00-$149.00

iPad® Magna-Case

Item: AL13065

Price: $69.00

Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL13360

Price: $199.00 Now $149.95

St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag

Item: AL8790

Price: $199.00

St. Tropez Leather Pouch

Item: AL8795

Price: $49.00

PurseN® Organizer

Item: AM1855

Price: $64.00

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Levenger is a premier destination for impeccably designed and thoughtfully executed men's briefcases, women's briefcases, totes, bags and backpacks. Stay beautifully organized in full-grain Levenger leather, handmade with care by dedicated artisans. Our classic and timeless women's bags, men's bags, messenger bags and tote bags are distinctive yet understated and feature organizational extras you won't find anywhere else but Levenger.