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Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase
  • Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase
  • Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase
  • Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase
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Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase

Price: $69.00
Item: AL8855
Mobile leather notepad
Our Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase lets you take good notes on the run, at presentations and over lunch. This leather notepad keeps fresh and completed 3 x 5 cards separate and has a built-in writing surface.
  • 2 pockets for fresh and completed cards
  • Writing surface for 3 x 5 cards
  • Pen available separately
  • Pen sleeve
  • Currency pocket 2 card slots
  • ID window
  • Stash pocket
  • Can also hold a passport
  • Pebbled leather with contrast stitching
  • 4W x 5 3/4H; 2.5 oz

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase 4.6 5 40 40
Business Travel Assistant The business world is full of electronic gadgets designed to be convenient and promote productivity but there are times, especially when traveling, when I need to write down a phone number, create a follow-up list, or document a great idea. Most of those times come quickly and by the time I power-up and type in my user id and password the moment of inspiration had passed. That was until I got armed with the Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase. Besides being at the ready for taking notes it also has handy pockets for my hotel, rental, and airline cards along with space for business cards and spare 3X5 notecards. I use the billfold compartment as a place to stash my travel expense receipts. The Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase is very stylish and helps promote a professional and organized image. Best of all, it helps make my business travel just a little bit easier and I can't really say that about any of the electronic devices I have to cart along with me. February 1, 2008
A great wallet The product looks good, holds a Parker Jotter (my favorite pen), and is just fine handling Levenger note cards. So on the front, opened toward you.... you have on the right a notepad with a pocket behind for more note cards. On the left you have the twin for the rightward card pocket, but it isn't quite right for note cards. On top of that pocket you have another long pocket, and on top of that you have 2 credit card slots, and 1 for I.D. Across the top there 2 pockets, the one closest is for currency, and behind is one that goes the full depth of the wallet. This is actually a pocket briefcase. If you acquire one, I hope you will enjoy it, and if you are thinking about other "pocket briefcases" I urge you to buy this one instead, and by that I mean over and above other Levenger products. June 4, 2014
great product outstanding quality. great look and feel. April 1, 2014
Doesn't hold 3x5 cards well I've used a pocket brief case for years. My original finally gave up and I purchase the Bomber Jacket model. It is very nice cosmetically, but it has a significant design flaw, the leather that overlaps the card just barley captures the paper, aprox1/8" on each end. this is both generic and Levenger cards. The normal friction in my pocked dislodges the card and I've lost cards this way. I have a work around, a plastic sheet that is 5.5' that is over the top of the cards. Not ideal but I really need the pocket capability. I would not buy another one and eventually will have a local leather worker make a similar product that works. March 30, 2014
Bulky Briefcase I replaced my pocket briefcase with this International Briefcase. I found this too bulky for everyday pocket carry unless I am wearing a coat. I am planning on taking it to a leather repair shop to remove the lined stash pocket & currency pocket to make it thinner. Still, a very practical, quality wallet, and would still recommend. No regrets. February 11, 2014
A bit bulky- no pen included This product is the usual Levenger good quality. It is somewhat bulky for just taking notes but perhaps the extra heft is good if using it as a wallet. I expected the item to come with a pen as that is how it is pictured. When one was not included I contacted customer service. After some checking they verified a pen was not included, even though it was in the picture of the item. The customer service representative politely suggested I should not use the pictures but to carefully read the product description. January 16, 2014
Too bulky I was not expecting a wallet as much as a note pad holder with room for a couple of other things inside. There should be a picture of the "money" area, this adds to the bulk. My mistake having it personalized, so it can't be returned. The quality is great but it will be gathering dust in the closet. January 6, 2014
Bomber international pocket briefcase I love the product. Probably more of a coat pocket fit. The size is excellent and so is the quality. I am satisfied. January 4, 2014
Genius! I love this item even more than I thought I would. I can put his in my pocket and I'm ready to go. I don't have to carry a purse with my wallet, cell phone and a small notebook - this as it covered. As with all Levenger items, the quality is unsurpassed. The Bomber Jacket pebbled leather is supple and luxurious. The monogram I added is sharp and distinct I will probably be purchasing additional Pocket Briefcases for gifts.. December 21, 2013
International Pocket Briefcase. I have had and used this Bomber International Pocket Briefcase for about two years now. First I think it important to say that I believe the issue for other reviewers around year 2009 about the cash section being too deep has been addressed. Mine has two cash "pockets" in the back. One deep, spanning the whole height of the wallet (can accommodate up to 500EUR notes), the other about half way (good for US currency or up to 20EUR notes) Mine did NOT come with the little pocketini pen that is in many of the photos, so be aware of that. Pens can slip out if you throw it into a bag upside down, as the leather for the pen slot is a little flexy/stretchy. But if your pen clip grips well onto the leather, this is less likely. It can hold a medium size rollerball or fountain pen without adding much to the overall bulk, which is nice. It is definitely a handsome wallet and the feel and quality easily justify the price. I dislike wallets in general, but I end up buying a lot of them in an attempt to have one that I actually like using and carrying. This is probably my favorite so far and about average in price paid. I do get lots of compliments and admiring looks when I am taking notes in public or reviewing my shopping list at the market. The one feature I do not use much is the sort of receipt stash pocket behind the cards. I would rather just have another card slot and reduce the thickness by one layer of cotton liner. I do occasionally use it for parking/valet tickets though, so perhaps I should not complain. Still, I could just as easily use the pocket behind this one for the purpose. My first impression was that it was a little thicker than I would have liked, but after using it for years, It is of a reasonable size for all of the functionality that it offers. I just counted and right now mine is carrying 28 notes of currency, 6 3x5 cards, 6 cards/ID's (doubled up in card slots), an average sized Parker ballpoint, and it still lies quite flat. That is probably the leader in terms of capacity amongst all my wallets. Some other long/jacket wallets have pretty good capacity too, but none that I own have the section for a handily held 3x5 card for easy notation on the go and few have a pen loop. If you have not seen/touched the bomber leather from Levenger, it is a deep grained and supple or soft leather that I find uncommonly attractive. It looks ever so slightly rugged but is even softer than many Nappa or deerskin leathers. I have bought a significant fraction of the total offered bomber products, if that gives an indication of my regard for the quality and style for my taste. I have tried to address any concerns I would have about the features of the wallet for people considering the purchase. It may not be for everybody, but for me, I could scarcely be happier with the wallet. I definitely use mine more than any of my other score or more of wallets. Thanks Levenger! It is always a pleasure when products last and get even more enjoyable to use over the years. December 9, 2013
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