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Ode (in Poem form) for the Book Bungee All Hail the Bungee of Books! Most worthy of praise for it looks. Colors to cheer, a feast for the eyes-- Caressing your treasures whatever their size. Wrapped about texts with love and great care, Either tossed in a bag or thrown anywhere. Readers never need worry or fret With Book Bungee, it's a guaranteed bet! April 19, 2010
both broke I ordered one, and had another one come with a tote I purchased. Both broke. I was using them to close a fairly small book (Stardust, by Neil Gaiman), and the plastic snapped when it was in the side pocket of the tote, so the bungee is not attached to the plastic bookmark anymore. I tried the second one, and the same thing happened. I contacted Levenger and they said they'd send me a new one (they haven't yet), but since both broke, I'm not sure I even want a replacement. I'm disappointed because I thought the bungee was really neat. January 3, 2014
Book Bungee I have many bungee myself and given them for gifts. After several years they will stretch…then I just use them for very large books. The bungee can also be used sideways if the book is large. When can we get red, yellow or true blue again. I do like to color coordinate bungee and book cover. December 19, 2013
Book Bungees I own several of these Bungees, and this year I decided to order one for each of my colleagues in the department as gifts. We all carry our paperback college texts in our briefcases and backpacks. The Book Bungees keep the pages from curling and the spines of the books from splitting, even on those 4-inch thick anthologies. These are great products and so very reasonably priced. November 12, 2013
Protects Larger Books Larger Novels and other soft cover books are difficult to keep from getting bent, folded and otherwise destroyed. The Book Bungee protects them in a way that other book covers and bands have not. It marks your page and then contains the book in a way that prevents damage especially when carrying books around, i.e. to beach, pool, etc. An inexpensive way to take care of books. August 19, 2013
Another use for the book bungee I used to use these book bungees as bookmarks for paperback books, but most of my reading is done electronically now. I have found that they are the perfect size to keep my Circa compact notebook closed in my purse, keeping the pages pristine. July 23, 2013
These are too thick to put in most books. Especially rare books or anything with a fragile binding. I expected the plastic to be much thinner. Even with the thickness, they break very easily and then you just have an elastic ring (which is nice to keep books closed in a suitcase or bag). April 18, 2013
Great little gift I gave these one year as stocking stuffers to my family and to this day I see them still using the Book Bungees. They are great for travel as they keep your place securely and even keep the book closed so it doesn't get thrashed around. I also have a couple of these on stand by for quick hostess gifts. It's practical, inexpensive, and something people will actually use. March 19, 2013
I've been using the book bungees at work and home for several years and introduced my family to them. We're all fans of the bungee. February 12, 2013
My daughter reads voraciously but tends to sit her books town over chair arms, where the spine is creased and then they fall off and lose her spot anyway. This bookmark is awesome because 1. it stays put even while tossing the book across the room (or more likely, into a backpack, into the car, etc) and 2. because it's a bit more "fun" than a slip of paper or a cardstock sliver with a ribbon attached, she holds it in her hand sometimes while she's reading ... it's substantial enough not to wander off and thus gets repeat use. December 29, 2012
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