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Carezza Paperback Book Wrap 4.1 5 7 7
Everything I was looking for I bought a tablet shortly before the holidays, and was disappointed with the hard cover that came in the recommended accessory package. Everything is designed to become a desktop, and I wanted something pliable and low profile. The large book wrap fits the bill perfectly.The size is just right for my 8" tablet, the side flaps allow you to anchor it securely from either side, and the unused pocket can hold accessories, such as a stylus. And, it's a fraction of the cost of the covers designed as tablet covers. January 27, 2012
Try a book wrap with your compact circa I recently purchased the smaller book wrap to cover my circa compact planner. The wrap fits my planner perfectly and looks great. Now I have the convenience of a small circa planner with the beauty of carezza leather. I just wish Levenger would bring back the compact plastic dividers and pocket dividers. November 27, 2011
Disappointed Years ago, I bought a leather book cover for my FIL and always wished I gotten one for myself because they are no longer available. I was thrilled to when the Carezza book cover came out. It is very nice and very well made, but almost useless to me. I bought the large but it doesn't fit a standard size hard cover book. I only read hard cover so unless I get a non-standard size book, it will remain unused. I am regretting getting it monogrammed or I would send it back and wait for a larger size to come out. Other than the sizing, it is a great product. October 15, 2011
Four star bookcover The bookcover itself is great so four stars may be a bit unfair, however, would like to get the attention to the company to come out with a Bible Cover! This served it's purpose but with smaller paperback books. I read a lot, and love the cover. It is useful but in no way large. I read the measurements so knew I was in for a challenge with the size. Hopeful for Bible covers in this beautiful leather in the future. The flap is questionable for function. A nice, thin leather bookmark included would have been great for me. Ribbons fray and the flapp is just a flap. I use it just to protect the oustide edges of the book. Overall, great product, would just love to see it up-sized! September 10, 2011
Should be called "Ravello" NOT "Carezza" I was disappointed when I received this item... I have an abundance of "Carezza" items including the Tote that I planned on slipping this into an exterior side pocket. The leather is caress-ably soft and smooth BUT instead of your fingers gliding over the leather the almost non-skid surface prevents that as well as preventing it to easily slip in the Tote. All of my Carezza Items have a nice sheen to them - not shiny but not dull... THIS item is a matte finish with no sheen to it.... I'm wondering if this is to serve a function like helping you hold onto the book so that it doesn't slip out of your hands while holding it to read????? Also... I would have much preferred a ribbon place marker instead of the flap that actually seems to get in my way... I tried to discern if some of the purpose of IT was to protect the side edges of pages but if you're near the end of the book and using the flap to mark your page it wouldn't serve that purpose... As far as the size goes... I agree that a larger size would be nice for Hardcover books that most of the ones I have will not fit in the size Large... however.. .the size Large is perfect for the standard size of the Softcover Christian Fiction books I purchase from CBD. All in all although I'm disappointed with some of the design, the non-skid finish, and that it does NOT "match" my Carezza items, I would still recommend it as it is beautiful but definitely think it's over-priced. Hope this helps someone make their decision. April 28, 2011
Been Waiting For This! I've been waiting for Levenger's to offer a leather book jacket like the one I purchased over 15 years ago (alas, not to be offered again). That leather jacket is very wellworn (I use it everywhere!) and still usable, but I wished I had another one. This flexible cover is an improvement in that it can hold extremely fat paperbacks; I also like the flap serving as the bookmark rather than a ribbon (which my cat promptly chewed off). Take my advice and order two -- if not for yourself when your ownw ears out, then for a friend! April 27, 2011
Carezza suggestion I like the product but we need a size larger than what is being sold as "Large". The reason I purchased this product is because I have many books with fine bindings, such as "Folio Society" or "Limited Editions Club". I want to use the leather cover to protect the bonding so I can take the books with me in a briefcase or satchel; otherwise you can only read the fine bindings at home. April 21, 2011
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