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Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper
  • Tusting Clipper, Black
  • Tusting Clipper, Black
  • Tusting Clipper, Black
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Tusting Clipper

Price: $479.00
Item: AL0450
A leather briefcase for those who move at a clip
Named for those swift-moving vessels with long, slender lines, this handsome leather briefcase allows you to carry a boatload of essentials for the day. Tusting’s famed leather is lovingly produced to enhance its characteristics of durability, water resistance and ease of maintenance.  
Made in England, expressly for Levenger
These are heirloom-quality pieces, made in England by Tusting of Buckinghamshire, creator of fine leather goods since 1875. These rich Tusting leathers mellow with age, acquiring that comfortably worn-in look, as if you’ve owned them forever. Some variations may occur in coloring, as the leather is finished by hand using an age-old process. 
A word about the wax in Tusting leather
One of the reasons this full-grain leather has such a rich and resilient character is because of the wax that's deeply ingrained. Occasionally this wax may leave a mark on clothing, so do take care. For Tusting leather not to have this wax, though, would be like England not to have history. It's part of what makes your Tusting bag endure.
  • 2 front saddlebags for frequently-reached-for items
  • Generous stash pockets inside and out
  • Interior pockets for phone, pens and note cards
  • Quick-release collar stud closure
  • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap has a drop length of 15–16 inches
  • Fits most 15" laptops
  • Extra-long shoulder strap available
  • Smooth, full-grain leather
  • Lined in robust cotton twill fabric
  • 17W x 6D x 11H; a lightweight 3 pounds
  • Made in England

The British have a talent for putting craftsmanship first and taking the time that attention to detail demands. We work with a small, family-owned tannery tucked away in the Buckinghamshire countryside to create these leather goods. The leather is as aromatic as a new saddle and has the same substantial feel.

Come with Steve as he takes you to England to meet the Tusting family. Click here.
Cambridge Clipper 4.9 5 9 9
My (nearly!) perfect bag... I spent months looking for the perfect work bag. I searched every website, every retail outlet.... I just couldn't find the bag that had all the things I wanted. While the pricetag for the Clipper is high, I finally decided to take the risk and order it. I am glad I did. This bag is simply stunning. It has no flashing bells and whistles - It's just classic quality at its most attractive. People comment on it often. It's slightly smaller than I expected but well within acceptable levels. I was a bit worried about others' comments about the waxed leather, but I'm having no issues. No wax stains on my clothes. I was prepared to give the bag a good rub-down when I got it, but no need. Scratches buff out - and ultimately, I'm not worried about them since, for me, one of appeals of this bag is watching it wear in and gain some "experience." The strap is a bit short and I may buy the longer one. For day-to-day use, the short strap is fine; the bag settles just above my hip and is comfortable. If I'm packing it around all day, however, I'll want a strap long enough to wear it cross-body. I have no regrets about this bag... it's the most expensive accessory I own, and yet I'm so pleased to have been able to purchase it. June 23, 2013
Best briefcase ever! It is great, hearty leather which does not weigh a ton! My legal files fit very well and the pockets are just right for my needs. The handle is a pefect fit for a smaller hand and fits well on the shoulder too. Worth the investment.You'll enjoy it! March 4, 2013
a necessity! this is the best bag ever! Every day I need to carry my laptop to/from home, to/from meetings - sometimes I don't get back to my desk all day. Since I also need to carry the cords, additional folders, notepads, snacks, $, etc, a laptop sleeve just doesn't do it. This briefcase is surprisingly lightweight & compact enough to carry around easily, but holds everything I need - I can go all day with just this bag and my commuter coffee mug! The leather is of fantastic quality - heavy duty enough that I'm sure it will last longer than my working career. And it'll look even better the more beat-up it gets. It is pricey, but I figure over 20 yrs, it's a bargain! Absolutely love it love it love it. :) January 6, 2013
Great briefcase This is a large bag. Many will find the "compact" version adequate. But when the compact version won't do, this roomier version will carry laptops easily (even 15 laptops) along with a charger, mouse, legal notepads, and a host of other items. If you need something larger, you're probably going to carry enough stuff that you should start thinking about something with wheels. You might find the strap too short by several inches. You can try drilling (not poke) additional holes but if that isn't enough, the maker, Tusting.co.uk, sells replacement straps that are 6" and 12" longer, but the shipping costs from England are stiff -- but they are very nice people to deal with. Made of full grain cowhide, the bag is as durable as leather gets. This is not a painted leather like most of the goatskin junk you see these days-- it is stained and waxed. It has a slightly waxy feel and should be retreated occasionally with a high quality leather cream. Dry leather wears out faster than treated leather. Rub it down with a white tissue before first use to be sure no excess wax/oil will come off. The extra closures for the two front pockets might be overkill but they give the bag a certain look that perhaps is more ranchhand than urbanite--but look at the pics and decide for yourself. It's very well made--the pattern cuts are even and matching cuts are uniform, the stitching is even and straight and the stitch lines all end with backstitiching. Tusting hand makes very nice bags. September 14, 2012
Best Christmas Gift Ever I have a busy job that involves being on location at project work sites, abandonded houses, banks, and courtrooms, often on the same day. My bags take a lot of abuse, being stuffed full of documents, plans, laptops, and even testing equipment on occasion. I have run through a bag of this style about every two years historically. My better half gave me the Clipper for Christmas and it has been working hard ever since in all of these environments. The leather wears like iron, and looks better than when I got it. I really appreciate the compartmentation and access - they are flexible and capacious - the two big outside pockets hold a LOT of stuff, including cameras, testing equipment, architect's scales, and my cased fountain pens. This is the best briefcase and best piece of luggage I've ever owned, and one that I will pass on to my son someday. It is pricey, but less expensive than many similar products that aren't nearly as well made. You CANNOT go wrong by purchasing this bag. June 6, 2012
Great Overall Just received it this week. Beautifully crafted, looks great and very functional. I liked that it was made in England, as opposed to many similarly priced bags that are usually made in China. Wish it was a bit larger, as I seem to have to lug a lot around to court these days, but overall I'm very happy with it. Also, it is a very good value,as I priced numerous other bags before purchasing this one- and they were all more, and of lesser quality. April 28, 2012
I LOVE This Bag!! After admiring this bag in the Levenger catalog for over a year, I finally purchased it. It is absolutely lovely. The quality is unsurpassed, and the size is just right--not too large and bulky, but big enough for me to carry files, a 15" laptop, and other miscellaneous items to help get me through my day. And, one quick aside. Even though this bag is advertised mainly towards men (at least in my catalog there was a lovely male modeling the bag), I find that it is just as appropriate for us ladies out there. You will not be disappointed with this purchase! Highly recommended!! November 13, 2011
Longevity Bag I have had this bag since the Spring of 2006 and it has served me well. The bag was between $300.00 and $400.00 when I purchased it. It fits my laptop just fine and my notebooks/tablets as well. My career is as a manager in the human service field and this often requires plenty of paperwork and regulatory follow-up. The bag also looks very professional. I have had many compliments on the bag. The pricetag is steep, BUT you will get a. Quality for the buck b. ample funcional usage, and c. a style that I don't see often, at least in my neck of the woods. September 22, 2011
Great Bag This is exactly what I was looking for - refined leather look, big enough to hold a computer, other essentials and leave room for documents. Sits nicely on your shoulder, comfortable to hold as well. Hardware looks like it will hold up, but that will be for a future review update. It is also very lightweight, which is a huge plus. Only negative comment would be, it would be nice to have this lined in pig or kangaroo vs. cotton, but I knew that when I bought it. January 1, 2011
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