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Essential Shirt Pocket Brief 4.9 5 8 8
Where's the pen? This is a great product; bought as a gift, for father's day, that was well received. Only wish: that it came with a pen. June 24, 2013
Cave Man's Blackberry I refer to this product as my Cave Man's Blackberry. Unlike the electronic version, the Essential Pocket Briefcase can survive the laundry and needs no power outlet. I never have to say, "Let me get a piece of paper..." as this item is with me every waking hour. Well made, looks good and fits in the board room or the garage. June 13, 2013
Fantastic Tool I've used this briefcase before, I lost my previous version! It's a fantastic tool, for casual meetings, happy hours, anywhere you are doing business on a social level...almost every time i pull it out I receive a question or comment. Great product! June 9, 2013
Indespensible I bought my first one over five years ago. I carry it with me every day and use it constantly. I discovered one was not enough and now own several. One is always in my purse. One is in my scrubs jacket pocket. One is in my car. I love these so much that I bought them for the doctors I work with. I also buy these for graduates. My husband uses the one I bought for him all the time. May 20, 2013
Indispensable! My pocket briefcase goes everywhere with me. It's as much a part of my everyday carry as my wallet and keys. July 22, 2011
Woman's Pocket Briefcase I bought several Levenger products as gifts this year. I wanted to buy two Pocket Briefcases, one for my physician and the other for a Doctor of Pharmacy that runs a clinic which I attend regularly. Both are very scholastic sorts and need something to record notes, share info, record a citation on the spot, etc. . I bought the Pocket Briefcase, Levenger· AL5945, for my MALE physician. I bought the Essential Pocket Briefcase for my FEMALE Pharm.D. Sue dresses very professionally. She is very stylish '' and she almost always wears business pants suits. Not many pockets. But, she needs something to carry with her as she roams the clinic, going patient. The Essential Briefcase fit the bill perfectly. . As with her and my physician colleague, she immediately loaded the briefcase with an assortment of Sampler Pack cards. I also got her a small pen (sorry from another manufacturer). She immediately put both in her back right pants pocket. Perfect fit and not too revealing for a professional woman concerned with her professional appearance. . I would heartily recommned this Essential Briefcase and note its particular appeal for female recipients. I suspect most would use it within their pocketbooks. But, some, like my PharmD. practitioner, might indeed carry it discreetly on their person! December 18, 2010
Great Doctor Gift! In my job, I'm always looking for gifts for my organization to give doctors and clinicians who give lectures for us. I've struggled to find something inexpensive but nice that a physician can actually use. These pocket briefcases are perfect! They are a great value, and by buying 18 at once, I saved an extra 20%. And when they come in such a pretty package (see picture) there's no need for a gift bag or wrapping! Everyone loves these quality, leather gifts, especially physicians, who often use 3x5 cards to organize patient information on rounds. October 22, 2008
I like mine. It's great for bringing to speaches and events for light note taking. October 8, 2008
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