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Carezza Triple Pen Sleeve 4.8 5 16 16
I carry it everywhere I really like this pen carrier, and use it to carry my three favorite Pelikan fountain pens (600 series/size) everywhere (well, everywhere I bring my purse, anyway). It's very handy and makes it easy to access my pens and switch between colors. Plus it keeps them safe from damage and unlikely to be forgotten/misplaced, as the carrier's fairly noticeable. I just wish it took up a little less space - once I added it into my Marley Teardrop Multi-Zip Backpack (aka my purse), I couldn't as easily fit my Kindle in there. But I'm glad to have it, as unfortunately, the pen loops in my purse are too small for my fountain pens (except for the 320s, which sometimes stay in the purse's pen loops and sometimes fall out). The carrier is too big for my 320 fountain pens. This carrier is perfect for my 600ish Pelikans - they fit in there snugly, don't fall out, yet are easy to retrieve when I want to use them. I always have them with me, which annoys my co-workers, who'd previously been able to borrow them off my desk from my pen holders - can't say that makes me sad enough to leave them behind, though. :) Now the pen holders on my desk look a little empty, but my pens come with me and my meeting notes are more likely to consist of three colors rather than one. I also like that the color contrasts from the inside of my purse, my sunglasses (& pens) holder, my checkbook holder, and my notebooks; that means it is easy to spot in my purse when I need it. I thought the price a little high, so I bought it during a sale. I'm not sure if I'd buy another - maybe if it were available in a different gorgeous color like the cobalt or a really pretty green - but I'm glad I have it. Speaking of colors, I'm glad the inside is a neutral shade; I really didn't like the plaid inside of the bomber pen wrap, which is why I opted to buy this one, even though I would otherwise have opted to carry five fountain pens around with me. :) And, yes, that is a gentle hint that I'd like a pen wrap case in this style, though perhaps in a brilliant, eye-catching green or something else equally lovely? July 19, 2014
Easy access A stylish way to protect and carry three pens with easy access. You don't have to fiddle with snaps, covers, wraps, straps, zippers, etc., and I for one love that! June 26, 2014
A Unique Pen Case Most pen cases I have seen do not seem designed for quick and easy use. They have zippers and snaps, or are rolles, requiring two hands to be dedicated to the the task of getting or storing a pen. What I love about this case is the ease of use. Pens slide in tightly and stay where you put them, but you can still reach into your back and pull out a pen with one hand. It is quick, stylish, easy, and fits nicely into most front pockets and sleeves on briefcases and folios. My only wish is that this was available in the "Bomber Jacket" leather line. I am sort of holding out on buying another one until that happens. March 29, 2014
beautifully made though i was looking for a double pen holder this three slot is quite nice. now i can carry a pencil too. the leather is wonderful. the slots are snug, but i think they will loosen just a bit with use. March 1, 2014
Keeps them safe in my briefcase I like to have my pens with me when I go to and from work and when i travel around the world. I have been looking for a container that is appropriate for my pens and for the way I operate. This is a good compromise between protection and flexibility. The ability for this to flex slightly really helps when fitting into my briefcase or travel case. This will also keep them from getting scratched. February 23, 2014
Leather quality Two years ago I purchased a triple pen leather sleave in black and loved the quality and feel of the Carezza glove leather. Today I received my second one in eggplant; the leather if stiff with much less grain and a stiffer feel and the suede lining is also of poor quality. Please go back to the original manufacturer of this product even if it cost more to make. If that product is available please send me a black or eggplant triple sleave to replace the one I received today. February 9, 2014
Beautiful This beautiful leather sleeve is perfect for your best pens. The quality is fantastic, as usual, and it's the perfect size to slip into your tote or backpack. January 12, 2014
Great bargain Extremely pleased with this because my favorite pens are all together. I no longer waste time looking for them. January 12, 2014
Lovely I purchased this to hold my Lamy pens in my purse and laptop bag. I have the fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens. All fit within the sleeves nicely. January 4, 2014
Must Have for Pen Lovers I purchased one for myself and one for my son. We are both addicted to beautiful pens and like to keep them that way. He uses his in his backpack and it keeps the pens from getting scratched and dust free. The one in my purse does the same thing. It is nice to have something well made and beautiful in its own right to protect our very special pens. Thanks Levenger for your fine products, I am never disappointed. December 21, 2013
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