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LTech Stealth Rollerball 4.3 5 17 17
Lost Pen-Depressed-Avenged I left this beautiful pen at the bank teller counter, went back to retrieve it but alas, it was gone and nowhere to be found. Needless to say, depression reigned for weeks, I am at a loss without my trusted Levenger. So, to compensate and double down on the proximity of my birthday and father's day, I am now the owner of two new rolleballs; one for home/office and one to take to meetings. At least for now, I'm safe! A great product for sure. June 19, 2014
Solid but paint chips Been coveting the style of this pen for a while. Writes great and good heft. I like how the cap won't roll when putting it down! Had for a week and then tried to slide into the metal pen clips (bought from Levenger) and the paint chipped from the edge. Very disappointing as it is a black pen and the silver medal shows through and is quite noticeable. May 5, 2014
Excellent pen I really like this pen. It's much bigger than I thought it would be. And heavier. But it feels good in the hand and the ink is very smooth. It's a joy to write with this. February 23, 2014
Rollerball I recently selected this item as my new flagship sketch/writing instrument. My profession requires a lot of thumbnails as well as writing so this choice worked out very well for me. This is a serious instrument, no nonsense and it gives a great presence. Nothing would please me more if you would expand this line with a 5.6mm clutch pencil. And your service is also to be commended. I intend to purchase more items in the future. February 18, 2014
Solid Pen I bought this pen because it looked similar to the many Rotring Roller Balls I have currently. I was interested in a side by side comparison and was excited to see that it is everything my Rotring's appear to be. I like the heavy feel the snap of the cap coming off and going back on.It is a cool looking pen and I will recommend it to others. I didn't like the refill quality but I am very picky about how my pens roll across the paper. I changed it out for a ceramic refill from a company that makes the worlds best ceramic knives. I fit all me pens with these. Your pen is highly recommended by me. Thank you January 30, 2014
Awesome pen! I bought the L-Tech fountain pen earlier this year and loved it. I wanted to have one also that was a touch easier to grab and go. This fit the bill! Heavy, stylish, and writes great! I've been getting a ton of compliments on it. Thanks! January 4, 2014
I wouldn't think that I'd look FORWARD to writing: I use a computer a lot - and (honestly) have grown quite fond of typing my notes. On top of that - I'm very particular about my writing instrument; therefore, I tend not to buy many - and the ones that I purchase tend to be fairly 'high-end'. This pen made me look forward to 'hand-writing' notes again. I like it so much - I purchased several more for friends and for myself (back-ups around the house). The weighting and the 'fine point' of the pen itself are extraordinary - with the 'monograming' being the icing on the cake. This isn't your 'average' pen - this is a 'great pen'. If you're looking for a really well made writing instrument - you need look no further! December 28, 2013
Great Pen, Cheap Finish. This pen is awesome, I use it for work everyday. It writes great, and feels good balance and weight wise. The finish immediately started chipping off though, especially on the cap. Just from the action of pulling the pen out of my pocket and having the clip hit the cap, it wore off all the paint that was under it. also the edges are starting to show silver. I have only had the pen for a month, maybe less. Great product, but I guess I must have gotten one of the older models without the correct finish. December 9, 2013
Beautiful design This pen was a replacement for another Levenger that did not work for me. I love this pen. I have a few very nice pens and this fits in well. It looks great. It writes well. It handles well. It even has a nib on the end for my Ipad. Built like a tank-heavy and secure. August 23, 2013
Nice weighted rollerball I received this pen as a gift and at first felt it was too heavy and considered returning it. The first time I wrote with it my hand cramped but after giving it another chance I really enjoy the weight and have had no problems since. The pen writes smoothly and beautifully and I also like that the cap screws on. I would warn that the black paint is beginning to come off on the grip. I also plan on purchasing the silver metallic version. May 11, 2013
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