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True Writer Rollerball 4.4 5 74 74
Kyoto True Writer Poem Deepest shades of ochre, amber, and jade Countless cherished words penned and poems made Gorgeously formed, loved, always in demand A tool for creators from which they can command Words! Songs! Uses Untold! From the Kyoto True Writer beauty unfolds! Her weight in the hand feels curiously right Bold and true, clean and light. Few understand the power of the pen But the Kyoto is the essence of Zen For the writers, the businessman, poets and more Use the Kyoto and your words will soar! Kris Duncan Indianapolis, Indiana April 15, 2010
TruWriter Poem It was cool to the touch, yet like silk to my parchment. I was in awe of it's fluidity. Penmanship did not matter as with every stroke of my wrist, a beautiful creation was delivered as each word was written...Carmen, Grand Prairie, TX. April 14, 2010
Rolling Along Jots leave stains of my heart's passion Capturing what is fleeting now Ah, my True Writer calls me forward April 14, 2010
Wready for Writing Excellent craftsmanship throughout the pen. Easy to hold and angled correctly for both upright and slanted writing. Easy to use both right and left handed. My wife took my last one as soon as she saw it. Lots of inquiries as to where to buy due to its distinctive style and colors. Shows not wear after 4 years of regular use. Great Product!! June 15, 2013
Was the perfect pen .... But I see the former gold fittings are now silver toned. The gold color went perfectly with the brown tortoise shell pen and I need a new one but will wait until the gold returns. I do have a spare fortunately but will miss the convenience of having one in my purse and one in my desk. Silver and brown just are jarring. At least to me. But it is by far the best pen I have ever owned. January 14, 2013
Beautiful Pen I just picked up a Kyoto rollerball for myself for Christmas, to go with my beloved Kyoto discs, and I can't even tell you how gorgeous this pen is! The discs are nice, but the pen blows them away! The entire pen is the same glossy, smooth, heavenly resin that you see on the outer edges of the discs. I was concerned that it might look too "busy" with the mix of colors, but it doesn't...it is nothing but classy and amazing! I find myself staring at it because it seems I always notice some new beautiful bit each time. It is weighted perfectly and a sheer pleasure to write with. I look forward to using this pen for years to come. December 26, 2012
Why no red fiber-tip refills? I own a half-dozen True Writers and I love them all. The Kyoto is particularly stunning. I use them mostly with fiber-tip refills. My only complaint is that Levenger does not sell RED fiber-tip refills, which would be very helpful in my work. (Other colors would be cool too, but red is essential.) December 12, 2012
Why have you discontinued the blue version? I own a blue version which I have used for years and love. Unfortunately, it is damaged and I wanted to replace it, but you have discontinued the blue. I have no interest in the black. Please bring back the blue version. By the way, you keep telling me someone else has my real nickname (not the above one), but I have used it here before.. December 6, 2012
Best Pen Ever! I love this pen! I purchased my first one about 4 years ago and used it for everything. Unfortunately someone borrowed it and ruined the threading in the cap. So I just purchased my second one. The weight and balance are a perfect fit. I get a lot of compliments when I use it - you have to admire a pen that creates pen envy! April 6, 2012
Love, love, love it! I admit for a week or so I coveted the picture of Kyoto pen. Then i finally, giddily purchased the pen and anticipated its arrival. The picture on the website does not do the pen justice. It is more shiny and surreal in person. It does remind one of colorful fish swimming in a picturesque pond floating in and out of sunlight,, scales shiny and shimmering under the surface. I am impressed with how consistent the ink flows. I look forward to writing with the pen. I am hooked. I love this pen! February 19, 2012
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