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Paragon Tote with Wristlet

Price: $458.00 Now $428.00 Save $30.00
Item: AL12705
A leather tote bag and wristlet with peerless style
Grey and black were favored shades during the Renaissance due to their famed compatibility with other colors. Now Levenger brings back the attractive combination in this women’s leather tote bag and wristlet. Complemented by shiny nickel hardware, the Paragon Tote and accompanying wristlet exhibit a captivating palette suitable for all seasons.
  • Both in silky, textured, au naturel full-grain leather with nickel hardware
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Disappointing Loved the look of this bag on-line, and the leather is soft and supple. My concern is that the handles are not up to the standard of quality I’ve come to expect from Levenger, especially with this price tag. The strap wraps around the silver joiners, but stops just past the rivet and feels like it could be vinyl, not leather. It does not feel like it would support the weight of a full load. I purchased this to use for work planning to carry a laptop and files and I think the handles are too flimsy. I am returning the tote and matching wristlet. October 29, 2013
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