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Pocketini Pen
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Pocketini Pen

Price: $35.00
Item: AP1398
A ballpoint pen with extra polish
Originally designed to slip into our Pen Pocket and International Pocket Briefcases, this streamlined geometric ballpoint pen is just as useful on its own. Because it's four-sided, this handsome pen stays put and won't roll away on your desk.
  • Click-action ballpoint
  • Brass barrel with brilliant chrome plating
  • 5L x 1/4 diameter; 0.67 oz
  • We offer ballpoint refills
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Pocketini Pen 3.7 5 13 13
Nice, but no.... The square shape actually hurts to write with. Yes, it does not roll around, but with the smooth glossy finish, it is still slippery. It slides out of the case I bought it with. I have also experienced the skipping when writing with the pen. It does not seem to use any "normal" type of refill- not a good choice. I have replaced this with a Targus stylus pen. It fits, doesn't slip, and uses a Parker refill. So now I can use the stylus end with my iPhone when I have gloves on and I still have a pen to write with. There's much room for improvement here Levenger... April 5, 2012
Pocketini...slperini is more like it Over all the quality of the pen isn't up to Levenger's usual standards, it feels plasticy, writes fine and I love the look of it, but it slipped out of my international pocket briefcase and was lost after less than 3 days. It's too expensive for this, and really all it needs is a clip. I won't buy another one January 17, 2010
Long on style, short on quality This pen, because it fits so neatly into my pocket briefcase, (which is wonderful by the way) is a product I want to love, but I don't find its quality consistent with other Levenger offerings. After about a year of use, the ball on the end popped off and nothing I can do will get it to stick back on the cheap plastic threading which holds it on. It's really too bad, because it looks so handsome and earns compliments wherever it goes. December 30, 2009
Fantastic and Most Unique Pen Ever I love this pen and when I saw it was on sale, I purchased two of them! When I received them, I immediately opened the beautiful box and started writing with this fantastic creative instrument! Very smooth and even flowing ink. I like a grip on my pens to prevent slippage, which this pen does not have. When I purchase a pen without a rubber grip, I buy the rubber pencil grips and add it to my pens. I have a pen fetish and so, when I say this pen is fantastic, you can take it from a pen connoisseur, this pen is great! I love the shape and style! It is a true eye catcher! March 10, 2009
Very nifty I recently worked a trade show where I meet and talk with loads of people. This pen fits unobtrusively in my hanging ID pouch with my business cards. It is now officially my "tradeshow pen." And the square shape is just cool. January 31, 2009
horrible pen I have 3 year old Bic pens that write with greater consistency. This pen will regularly cease writing. It is very stylish and practical with the pocket briefcase, except that I can not rely on it. For $38, it is not worth purchasing and I wish I hadn't. September 13, 2008
Too Easy to Lose This pen WILL slip out of the Bomber Jacket Pocket Briefcase; it holds at first, but then slips out very easily as the leather breaks in. I've already lost mine after just 5 weeks, and that's not even close to daily use... At $26 bucks a shot, getting a new one every 5 weeks is insane. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. May 15, 2008
I have already written my review but I just thought of something else. The shiny surface is beautiful, but slippery to use. Several years ago I purchased some pens from you with a matte surface on the metal finish. Your fingers really gripped and did not slip like they do on the shiny surface. That would make this pen absolutely perfect--at least, I think so. February 1, 2008
Simple and Practical Very good pen. I use it in school and for work. Very simple. Could use a clip of some sort to clip on to my shirt or pants. But it's small enough to fit in on one of my pant side pockets. I enjoy using this pen. February 1, 2008
For a person with small hands, this pen is wonderful. It fits perfectly. Most pens are too big and uncomfortable but this one is great. As an ex-secretary I know the importance of a good writing instrument for taking dictation and this one is great. February 1, 2008
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