Boston Public Library Delivery Tote Bag

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A century later, the Boston Public Library's bookbag still delivers
More than 100 years ago, the workers of the Boston Public Library figured out that the best way to ferry books between their branches was in this deep, heavy-duty, easily grasped bag -- one in each hand, to balance the load. Our re-creation of this living antique is true to the original but even stronger. Imagine how many grocery bags you can carry in one trip rather than ten. And how easily yoga mats and gym gear will transport. Inside the delivery bag is the quotation that's etched on the Boylston Street side of the main library: "The commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty."
  • Rugged canvas with robust handles
  • Double stitched and reinforced with a double bottom
  • Capable of holding 27 pounds of books
  • Just 1 1/2 pounds empty
  • 15W x 10 3/4D x 22 1/4H
A portion of each sale benefits the Boston Public Library, America's only public library that is also a presidential library, and where its 28 branches still shuttle books in these bags every day.


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Boston Public Library Delivery Bag 4.8 5 49 49
What a great bag! I love this bag! I was a bit surprised at how big it is - they must really work out at the Boston library. I filled it with books and have it sitting in my sun room for anyone to just grab a book and enjoy. June 26, 2014
not as pictured The picture of this bag is over deceiving. It looks deep and narrow at the top when in fact it has a very wide top opening. I needed it to be as pictured and was very disappointed. April 23, 2015
Tough Stuff Very sturdy, good seams. LARGE. I was able to get 7 full grocery bags inside so it only took one trip to get everything from the garage to the kitchen. April 1, 2015
Great Big Bag ! This bag is awesome. Strong, huge, nicer than I expected. Great value. Way stronger than the average tote! March 6, 2015
Huge bag! This bag is huge. I love the size and quality. This is an extremely well made bag that I expect will be used for many years to come. January 29, 2015
Strong This bag is so versatile and I'm very pleased with its strength. I can imagine it lasting years. Good handles lessen hand fatigue experienced with lower quality totes. January 3, 2015
Good Value I was looking for a large bad and this was certainly large. The material is incredibly strong and should hold up for years. The only problem I have with this bag is that it does not have a drawstring or any way to close the bag to prevent things from falling out. A good strong cord that could be tied would bring my review up to a 5. January 1, 2015
Great bag I picked this up for my minimalist brother - thought he could use it to lug laundry or books or whatever. His first thought was Trader Joe's usage - but then deemed it too big lol. Seems solidly constructed - he liked it, hoping he gets good use out of it. I might end up getting one for myself for the office - to prop open and toss magazines and newspapers in... December 28, 2014
Everybody Wants the Boston Book Bag I bought this as a gift for a friend probably 10 years ago. I saw it recently, and it still looks brand new, and she swears she uses it all the time, taking things from place to place. When I asked her if I should buy it for another friend, without hesitation she said "Yes!!". Once I saw the bag again after all these years, I knew I had to order my 3rd bag, this time for myself. Am going to do just that as soon as I'm done writing this review! Extremely durable, extremely versatile, and so good looking. I can't wait to get my own! December 26, 2014
Very sturdy, useful bag I was not prepared for the real size of this bag. It is quite large and sturdy. It useful to carry and store just about anything. I will use it to hold books and clothes. What makes this a good buy is its usefulness. What makes this a great buy is its tradition. What makes this an excellent buy is that when you purchase it Levenger makes a donation to the Boston Public Library. December 25, 2014
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