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Carezza Organizer 4.5 5 13 13
Gorgeous organizer handbag I have been eyeing this bag since it came out...it finally went on sale and with a 75.00 gift card earned from previous purchase I finally ordered it. I'm very happy with the bag overall, the suppleness and color of the leather is of beautiful quality. Fully appreciate the two length straps available, so convenient for varying occasions. I gave 4 stars for functionality due to the tightness of the credit card slots, extremely hard to get cards in and out. needs an extra 1/8-1/4 inch of space to make it perfect! November 16, 2013
Lovely small bag Beautiful soft leather, nicely designed and made. The style is perhaps a bit less elegant than it could be, but the sale price makes it a great value. November 2, 2013
Pretty and Fairly Practical I have had to step down from my beloved, but heavy (because stuffed) Carezza tech messenger bag. This bag has great virtues, including having a key fob (Yay!), and plenty of slots for cards. The middle compartment holds my glasses without letting them get crushed, and the cell-phone pocket holds my Droid just fine. Its problems are as follows: the currency pocket will not hold a checkbook; the interior zip pocket will not hold a checkbook; the key fob is too far down in the bag; and the cell phone pocket is on the wrong side of the zipper - if you are using it as a music player, most of the bag, including all your credit cards, is open (this is not a good idea). I am happy to report that the outside stash pocket will take a checkbook, and hide it reasonably well. Overall, not a bad choice. Since the point was to cut down the amount of impedimenta I was carrying, it's ideal. It might be less so for someone with more needs than I have. September 23, 2013
Carezza Organizer Handbag I purchased the bag because I can carry my iPAD in the center pocket. I love the bag. I've gotten complments on the bag. It's functional but very stylish. That's important to me since I carry the bag into customer meetings. I plan to purchase another bag. Great buy! September 14, 2013
So soft and well organized This is a beautiful bag -- it has a place for everything without feeling like you are toting a suitcase. Well organized, well made and beautiful and stylish. September 9, 2013
Carezza Organizer good value I bought the purple Carezza organizer about 8 years ago, and have used it regularly. The leather, which is wonderfully soft, has held up to lots of use. It resists scratches and fading, looks practically new. The stitching has also held up, no unraveling. The lining and interior pockets show no sign of wear. The edges are all finished securely, so no scraggly threads. I have a Todd purse that cost much more, but did not stay new looking very long. And the cheaper bags got tacky looking very quickly. For this reason, I think the Carezza, while not cheap, is good value for the money since you don't need to replace it as often. June 2, 2013
So Cool I love my new Carezza bag-- IIt really is divine So cool I feel the need to brag I'm very proud of mine May 18, 2013
Review in a Poem I searched in vain for a pen that wrote My cell phone, my keys, my checkbook, my notes My bag itself was ragged and threadbare The straps were shabby, the clasp showing wear I had even resorted, to a bag within a bag But that didn’t work, I still looked a hag And one magical day, I was searching on the net I saw a solution to my endless fret It was a tote, it was purple, it had lots of storage It was not frumpy, not too large, and in which I didn’t have to forage. The leather was soft, it felt like butter It was smart, and classy and organized my clutter. It’s a bag from Levenger, what a find Its sorted my time, my life, my mind! April 29, 2013
Quality of Carezza Bag I feel organized. I am able to get all my required information and thing into this purse with ease. The choice of two straps makes it appealing to me ... when I am with my friends ... I can use the long strap for a hands free expeience ... for my personal life I like the short strap ... keeping it close at all times. This is perfect for my life style. April 13, 2013
Great bag I have this bag in black and love it--soft as can be. Now if they would only offer it in a chocolate brown . . . April 5, 2013
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