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Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Messenger
  • Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger
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Bomber Jacket Messenger

Price: $249.00
Item: AL7405
Bomber Jacket’s leather messenger bag
If you’re often traversing teeming city streets or navigating busy airports, it’s helpful to keep both hands free while carrying your necessities. Our sleek and slim Bomber Jacket Messenger Bag allows you to do just that.
  • Can accommodate your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other electronic reader
  • Long adjustable strap
  • 2 compartments accommodate letter-size file folders and a letter-size notebook or note pad
  • Pockets inside the main compartment hold cell phone, PDA, business cards and 3 x 5 cards, and 2 pens
  • Handy hook for keys
  • Zippered compartments on both the inside and outside hold personal items
  • Cover flap’s magnetic closure keeps contents secure
  • Pebbled, full-grain mocha leather
  • Plaid twill lining
  • 2 pounds
  • 12 1/2W x 2D x 13 1/2H

Why co-founder Steve Leveen loves this leather...
It is Bomber Jacket leather's equal dose of practical and pleasing qualities that makes it one of the most popular we've ever sold, and explains why you'll find so many products at Levenger crafted from this special American leather. Enjoy the warmth of the thick leather, the supple feel of the pebbled surface that makes your hand not want to let go, and the scent of this expertly tanned mocha leather that can make you smile without even knowing it. We back it with durable cotton twill plaid lining, top-flight zippers, and rugged nickel hardware.

Bomber Jacket Messenger 4.8 5 39 39
Awesome Product Poem I'm tough as nails, yet city chic, generous enough to hold, while looking sleek, I'm SoHo sure, while on the go, I'm over the shoulder; just so you know, a bit of a tease, only some might say, I'm on the job, be it night or day, I'm the perfect companion for a him or a her, I'm the Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger! April 15, 2010
It's Da Bomb! iPad? I had. No case in place. Repel dust, a must. Scratches collect Unless I protect! Want Bomber Jacket Styling for my new tech bling bling! Now I can be a happy camper with a Bomber Jacket Messenger! April 14, 2010
terrific I bought this bag to serve both as a purse and as a carryall for my iPad and other work junk. First let me say, the leather is gorgeous. It smells wonderful, and it's so soft. I like the interior fabric, and the whole thing is very thoughtfully designed -- for example, even when you have a lot of stuff in it, the bag's flap still covers and looks neat. The shoulder strap is very soft and comforable. My only, very tiny complaint is that the bag itself, when empty, is pretty heavy. I should have figured that with the leather construction, but I find that I am carrying it a little less because of the weight. July 29, 2013
Tough, Useful, Beautiful The first thing that catches your attention is the wonderful fragrance of real leather. Next, you can't help but notice the soft, pliant, yet rugged feel of the bag. And then you start to actually use it, and you see you've made one heck of a good purchase. The Messenger has been, for me, a happy marriage of convenience, usefulness and beauty. This bag by Levenger has just enough pockets and zippers and utilitarian features to make this the only bag you'll need to carry through the day, and yet it's lighter than the traditional briefcase bag. The nice, wide shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and -- by the way -- did I mention that fantastic fresh leather smell? Good durable product, nicely designed, perfectly executed. Highly recommend. May 20, 2013
Nice Purse Just received my Bomber Jacket Messenger Bag. It's made of a good quality, thin, soft leather. Great material for a purse, but not thick enough to function as an iPad briefcase. The dealbreaker was that the strap was too short for me to wear this cross-body over a coat. I am a 5'9" slender woman and the case hit on hi hip. I prefer it to hit below hip so I can get in and out of car without removing it. On hi hip, I could not easily lift flap and reach into it with my long arms. Also, the strap material does not continue completely around the bottom of the bag which reduced my score in the details expected from the price of this bag. Shipping (including return) cost me $35 so think twice before trying. October 2, 2012
This bag is AMAZMING! The leather is of the highest quality. I love the liner. The colors of both are exactly how they look in the pictures. I was worried about switching from a backpack bag to this one for lack of pockets but I wasn't disappointed. You can't see the inside very well from the pics online but there are plenty and most everything you need will fit in this bag. It is extremely functional and is the only bag I carry now. I put a junior and regular size circa notebook in here along with my iPad and everything fits great. You can't lose with this bag! September 22, 2012
Great bag I purchased this bag for my son, who just began working as a lawyer. The bag is just the right size, fits folders and necessary items and isn't excessively bulky~ he loves it. The leather is handsome, just the perfect mix of soft and yet rugged appearance. I would recommend this bag as a graduation gift or just use it for yourself. June 21, 2012
Beautiful classy-looking bag This is my first leather bag and I couldn't be any happier with it. This is a great multi-purpose bag for businesspeople with a timeless design which is not too formal nor casual, perfect for people on the go. Inside the bag there is plenty of space for your business documents, books and a middle-sized laptop or a pad. Furthermore, the interior is fully lined and stitched, with dedicated compartments for smaller items such as keys, pens, a cellphone or a portable mp3 player. The softness and color of the leather evidences the top quality of the bag, also the strap is comfortable, even if your load of books or documents is heavy. Also, it is important to remark that when I got this bag delivered it came with a cloth pouch to store and protect the leather from scratches. Nice touch from you Levenger. To sum up: if you are looking for a professional-looking high-quality and versatile bag, then this bag is for you. June 3, 2012
5 Years of Dutiful, Durable, Stylish Service My father gave me this bag as a gift 5 years ago and it still looks like it did the day it arrived. I literally carry it and use it everyday. The color of the leather makes it a fine accessory for almost any level of dress, and any color of clothing. The interior cloth remains intact, and has served me well. I carry sunglasses in a hard case, an iPad in a protective case, wallet, two checkbooks, keys, gum, business cards, and club cards. It all comes with me and the bag shows no sign of stopping. I used to tour with a traveling entertainment company and the Bomber Jacket Messenger has accompanied me on over 300 travel days, across 3 continents, through 14 countries, third world and otherwise. It still looks like the day it came in the mail. Never underestimate the convenience of empty pockets! Thank you Levenger!!! February 4, 2012
Bomber Messenger Great Bag with One Problem First impression when you pick up the bag is that it is a nice article. The leather feels very good, with a deep, full grain, it feels both soft and tough. The fabric strap with a leather strip down the middle is surprisingly comfortable. Love the retro plaid cotton lining of the bomber series. The magnet closure seems to work ok. I haven't tested it with an overstuffed bag yet though. I knocked one star off of the Function, because it has one, single bonehead design flaw inside the bag: The Key clasp thing is directly next to the 2 pen loops, guaranteeing horribly scratched pens if I were to put a set of keys, or anything hard on it. I am even concerned that the clasp itself would scratch a pen in the first slot. It appears my option is to remove the clasp if I want to use the pen loops, or to just not use the pen loops at all. Overall a very nice bag, sans one poorly conceived idea. The key clasp could easily have been put on the other side without risk of scratching anything at all. I was tempted to make it 3 stars in the Function field, but hey, it is a relatively small design error, right? The bag will still carry 90% of things I want to carry without problems. January 12, 2012
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