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Circa Zip Folio 4.9 5 59 59
Circa Poem - Haiku Behind the zipper calendar, thoughts, to-do lists my life Circa now. April 14, 2010
Ode to Leather Leather case so soft and sweet Keeping organized what a treat Zipping closed to keep my stuff neat Oh Levenger products can't be beat. April 14, 2010
Levenger Letter Size Circa This is my introduction to Circa. What I love best is the quality of the paper, the ability to punch my own pages, and the flexibility of adding my own content on the fly. October 22, 2008
Great Product This folio is an excellent purchase to accompany any circa notebook. Don't forget it comes with a notebook! August 10, 2013
Love It I love this folio, This replaced a staples ARC and i use it the hold my Dell Tablet. May 18, 2013
Perfect for everyday use I liked the Junior version of this product so much I bought a second one for use exclusively at work! This time the Circa Zip Folio was supplied with a new Circa notebook (with a black cover page instead of the older stock with the green cover page). The paper in the black notebooks has been vastly improved, and I am pleased to report that it now takes fountain pen ink without bleeding and feathering! (If you get paper from the green and black notebooks mixed up over time, a quick way to tell if your paper is fountain-pen friendly or not is to check the fine print at the bottom of the page. If it says "Levenger" it's old paper from a green notebook. If it says "Levenger.com" it's new fountain-pen-friendly paper from a black notebook.) There's even space inside the folio for me to carry around a cheap, conventional A5 notebook for inconsequential scribbles and notes. December 31, 2011
Best Customer Service of 2011 Levenger's Customer service department has the most knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and courteous service agents of any business that I have dealings with all year (last year as well, maybe of all time!). Not with standing the superior quality of their products. I highly recommend this company, it worth the call to customer service just to brighten your day! December 31, 2011
How about red? I've been using circa for a couple of years now, and have even met others in my church circle who use circa for devotional journals. Have you ever considered making a zipped notebook, probably out of sturdy fabric, that would hold both a circa notebook and a Bible? You wouldn't have to put any religious symbol on the product, just make it wide and thick enough to accommodate a large, heavy reference book. Heck, it could work for a dictionary or thesaurus as well as a Bible. A few capacious pockets, pen loops, and I'll bet you'd have a good seller. April 9, 2011
I'm a Circa-Lifer I wasted so much time and money on organization systems that were calendar based (I don't need another calendar!) not to mention folios that were jammed packed with loose papers, it was a mess! I had every intent of being organized but struggled to find a system that fit the bill. I have the Junior zip folio in Red before it was discontinued. I absolutely love it. Running critical operations for a large public company for four years, this folio has been my professional bible. The quality is great. I fully *use* everything I get and the only wear on the leather that I see is around the edges of the spine from rubbing in bags. It doesn't have a loose stitch and probably with a little leather polish, would look brand new. I am in a new role now where I am migrating to the soft-folio, but I will keep this circa around on standby forever as I am sure I will come back to it. December 11, 2010
Love it! I love this folio.It's perfect for keeping my papers organized and secure since it zips closed. I've ordered another one just for school stuff. I use a notebook with 1 inch discs and it holds it just fine. Good job Levenger's. August 30, 2010
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