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Montage Crossbody Clutch 3.3 5 3 3
Nice Professional Purse As other reviewers have noted, this is not a bag you can overstuff. However, for something that is marketed as a clutch, I did not expect extreme spaciousness. I am happy, because I can fit more than most clutch-like purses, but it still remains sleek and professional. My main problem is that I have to carry around a bulky epi-pen for my allergies, and most small purses just can't handle it. I can fit my epi-pen, a small e-reader, lip gloss, a pen or two, and the back stash pocket is great for metro fare, a compact, or any IDs I need to whip out at a moment's notice. I really like the deep zip pocket, because it allows me to differentiate between things I will need to access immediately (an ID) between something that I don't need immediately (my e-reader). True, you can't overstuff both pockets at once, but I really like being able to have fewer items in each place so it's easier to find things. My one real quibble is that the purse is really an odd size. It is too big to use as a clutch, and I will probably never do that. It is also slightly too big to stuff into a larger bag, if you are trying to also carry some larger things aside from your purse. However, if you just need a few things, this is a fantastic professional purse. But if you overstuff your purses, this is probably not for you. December 30, 2013
Excellent Value Do not stuff this bag with a book, disposable diapers, and a baby bottle. But if you want a sleek, well made, tailored bag for a lunch date or just looking well put together - this is the bag for you. Lovely details and butter soft leather. December 28, 2013
Nice attempt, but....... Beautiful bag, lovely soft leather. However, the zipped portion extends all the way to the bottom of the bag, creating a black hole where it impossible to find anything. Also, because of the slim envelope style of the bag, you have the choice to use the bottomless pit zipped portion or the organized area under the flap....but NOT both, as there is no room to put things in both areas without resulting in a bulky, lumpy mess of a handbag. Such a shame, I had great hopes for this style. Suggest Levenger remove the zipped storage area. Luckily, there is plenty of room in the rear zipped area for your Kindle or Ipad mini. November 14, 2013
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