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Levenger Staff Go Bag 4.2 5 9 9
OK, but the color is changing I like the bag, even though it could use a few improvements (lighter color inside, additional inside pocket, slightly less beefy fabric). But I've had to stop using it because the grey color has changed in a few places from grey to a rusty color. I haven't abused it so am not sure what happened. February 6, 2013
I LOVE this bag! This is the perfect bag! It is lightweight when not filled, and is so comfortable to carry! I fill it with my Ipad, my datebook, and still have so much room for my cosmetic bag and wallet, and everything else I need to carry! And if I want to lighten my load and leave my heavier items at home when running to the store, it falls a little flatter, and does not stay puffed out, which is great. It definitely conforms to your body wherever it's placed, and it's comfortable! I love that I can easily carry my phone, glasses, keys, lip balm, and powder compact in all the outside pockets! If I need to grab something quick, I don't need to fish around inside my bag. It is wonderful! It is great quality, and the strap is long enough to hit my waist! It is so hard to find long enough straps for someone who has a long torso. I was a little weary when ordering because some of the other reviews were quite mean, but don't listen to them, this bag is great. My mom even loved it so much that she just ordered the Staff Bag, that is made from the same material. It's great to take to my job where I have to dress up, and even great to take out after work while I'm wearing jeans and a tshirt. I love levenger! Thank you for making the perfect bag for me! December 12, 2012
Super bag ! I purchased this bag quite recently, and as usual, it joins my other Levenger purchases as a favorite. Ideal for travel, even around town doing errands. Easily fits my iPad, and all other daily essentials. I have used the Bloomsbury Bookbag for cross-country travel for years, but with the zipper closure on this bag, it is even more useful. I can tell this will stand up to years of use. All my Levenger items stand the test of time. December 2, 2012
I am so disappointed! I have been looking at ths bag for quite a while but was so disappointed when I finally got it! It is smaller than expected and the fabric is thin and unlined! Shapeless and collapses when not full. It looks like worn out canvas which I did not see in the photo. Not a professional bag in any way! Love Levenger but will stick with the leather bags which are exceptional! November 22, 2012
Good bag but not perfect I was given this bag as a present and I wanted to wear it for a couple of weeks before giving a review. Overall, the bag is sturdy and looks like it can handle a lot of everyday stress. I also like the texture of the bag cloth. The bag itself accommodates all my textbooks and notebooks for classes and actually holds a surprising amount of stuff. That being said, there are some disappointments. I wish that there was more than one inner pocket because there are things that I don’t feel comfortable leaving in the outside pockets (none of which can be closed since they have no zippers / clasps) and the one inner pocket gets pretty full with those things. The inner lining is far too dark and considering that the bag itself is dark coloured, this would be a great place to add some colour to the bag. My biggest gripe is that when I wear the bag across my body (as opposed to on one shoulder), it doesn’t lie flat against my hip. This seems to be because the bottom is wide and reinforced all around so it doesn’t “collapse” flat, causing the bottom edge to jut out and form a triangle-shaped silhouette, where the top is tapered and the bottom is wide and sticks out. You can kind of see it in the provided images for the bag above. I guess I am looking for a messenger-type / rectangular bag which this bag is not. Overall, the bag is great but I guess it’s not the bag for me, at this time. September 11, 2012
It could be a bit better! I have been eyeing this tote for a long time and finally purchased it when it was 25% off. I want to give it a perfect score but there are a few things that would help to make it better. First, all of the pockets around the outside of the tote are the same size. It would be so much better if at least one pocket was larger. If the back pockets became one long pocket instead of the three smaller ones. You could then carry a magazine, book or Circa notebook in that pocket without having to open the tote. The other problem is the "black hole"; what I call black interiors of totes. It is very difficult to see inside of the tote. If it had a lighter lining, it would help to find smaller items that tend to get lost on the bottom of the tote. Also it would be nice if it had an additional pocket in the interior. I like the external pockets but I tend to forget where I placed certain items (this is more of a problem with me than the tote, admittedly, but still)!!! The fabric is nice and sturdy and I love the black/gray color. I wish the zipper allowed the tote to be opened more widely so I could easily place my iPad and 11" MacBook Air into it. These are minor changes that would make a good product really great! And finally, I have been a Levenger customer for many, many years and I always loved receiving their packages because I knew I would love the item AND I loved receiving the great green Levenger box. I have tons of Levenger boxes that I use for storage. They were great boxes that could be "recycled' and kept forever. Alas, my tote came thrown into a box with some torn brown paper in a plastic bag. It made me sad. It wasn't special at all. I realize that the boxes must be expensive and that they add postage weight but now I feel that there is nothing very special anymore about receiving a package from Levenger. Again, I know this is my problem, but the (at least 15) boxes that I still use from Levenger (the elastic still works also!) made me think of this change in quality. August 28, 2012
OK, but.... I really like the pockets, and weight of this item. The one problem I have been having is that the zipper keeps jamming in the beginning and it takes a bit of effort to get the bag ziped. May 31, 2012
Terrific travel bag This bag has every feature that you would want in a bay you would carry on a trip - across town or across country. Love the dozen outside pockets and the inside pocket is perfect to keep papers, magazine or your favorite electronic device stowed without shifting around as you move. A tremendous value. May 19, 2012
Better than I could have ever imagined! I am so happy I invested in this bag! March 21, 2012
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