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Beautiful and functional Levenger always comes thru with a product that not only is functional but beautiful as well. However, I would have liked the bag a little bit larger to accommodate some items I like to carry without looking so stuffed. Otherwise there is a place for everything. And the leather is so beautiful July 19, 2014
A winner! This bag was the perfect bag to carry with me on holiday! . I found the I.D. holder under the flap; and all the pockets, zippered compartments, and card holders to be very useful!. Light and compact, it can be worn cross-body and doesn't interfere with carrying luggage. The leather is soft and luxurious and remained so even after being subjected to a huge downpour. I purchased an additional one as a gift! January 2, 2015
Nice but small Ok, I read the reviews and ordered this even though there were several comments about it being small. It is small, but it is beautiful and well organized. Due to its size, I won't use it often, but it will hold my Kindle, phone, and a few necessary items, so will take it when I'm traveling light. January 1, 2015
Cute purse I read the previous reviews before making my purse. Some commented on the small size. It is smaller than I am used to but I wanted to downsize. I made some adjustments to make it work. Others commented on the narrow shoulder strap and I hav to admit it is very uncomfortable. The magnetic closure doesn't stay fastened and that's a safety concern. I only wear it facing my body. And finally, I don't think it's a great value for the price. November 13, 2014
Love the color! I've been carrying my new Cobalt Blue Oxford bag for a week now and it is a good choice to replace my favorite-ever small purse. And while it cannot replace my little red Levenger bag I have loved using for years, it is a good choice. The workmanship is quality. The color is very now and gets compliments wherever I go. With my wardrobe, this color compliments everything and adds to the look. I always wear these little bags across my body, messenger bag style, so I love the thin straps and the mechanism for attaching them the bag is improved. It is simple for me to attach, but more difficult for someone to undo it if they have theft on their mind. I love the adjustable method ... much better than a buckle with holes, in my opinion. I agree with the reviewer who would prefer the small compartment to open with two opposing zippers. Having to pull one zipper all the way around to use the compartment is a pain and so far I cannot manage it casually. I would also prefer a less deep profile, although the height and width are perfect. The bag is very tailored and organizing is a breeze. I am hoping the stiffness of the compartments/lining soften over time. If I could have polished up my red little bag, I would have used it forever. But, this little bag is a beauty and fits well in my larger tote for travel or marketing. October 30, 2014
Trim, Tailored & Incredibly Functional I love this bag. It has plenty of nooks, pockets and compartments to keep everything orderly while at the same time presenting a tidy, composed appearance. As a professional, I prefer my accessories to be as carefully tailored as my attire, and this bag is a perfect fit. It also fits nicely inside my briefcase. October 9, 2014
Much too expensive for quality On first look the purse looked good. But on closer examination I am very disappointed in the very narrow shoulder strap. Much prefer wider strap with holes punched for changing length. Inside the pockets are way too stiff and tight. They will only accommodate a piece of paper. Cant believe I paid so much for such a disappointment December 30, 2013
a tight fit I agree with the reviewer who described a thin strap that doesn't stay in place and a bag that's a little too small for the items many of us carry. I had hoped to replace a too-large bag but found this one a little too small awkwardly designed. For me the outside zipper compartment was too inconvenient to bother with. I tried this bag for a day, then found myself switching back to the too-large bag. Still looking for something in between. But this bag does look elegant and seems well constructed. December 28, 2013
Falls Short The bag itself is exactly as pictured and beautiful. The leather is very soft, and in my opinion, much too soft for everyday use when it comes to durability. The shoulder strap is very,very thin and does not stay on your shoulder. It falls off repeatedly, which to me, is not functional. I would have preferred a few more credit card slots, there are plenty of room to add at least 2 more on each side. Please be aware that when it comes to the zipper, there is only one pull, on the "organizational" part of the bag, you have to unzip from one end all the way to the other to have it open. Other quality bags have 2 zipper pulls so you can close them together to the middle and open/close to each side simultaneously which is much more efficient and adds wear to the zipper. Please also note that when this organizational compartment is open, there are openings. (holes) in the bottom lining on each side, corner of the bag. Pens, coins, lip sticks, pencils and small items WILL AND DO fall out through these openings. This was, for me, an unacceptable design flaw. Beautiful bag, but in my opinion, not thought through enough to be worth the money so I am, unfortunately, sending back the bag. I will keep looking for an organizational bag worthy of Levenger. December 22, 2013
Beautiful, But Tight I loved this bag with its organizer sections and overall beauty--really nice leather and fine design. However, I usually carry more than office supplies around with me, such as a very small hair brush, eye drops, and nasal spray, in addition to my wallet, 4x6 note pad, etc. So the very tightness of design that makes the bag so beautiful makes it impossible for me to use. I must have a thicker bag, with room for the daily incidentals I use all the time. In my opinion, the bag could use a more give--somewhat of an accordion-like expansion--that would make it more flexible, though keep it lovely organized design. November 2, 2013
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