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Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap
  • Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap
  • Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap
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Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap

Price: $79.00
Item: AL7415
Handsome leather pen case
You can carry up to five writing instruments in this attractive leather pen case. The supple leather wrap rolls up into a compact shape that slips easily into a briefbag or tote.
  • Unfolds to 5 sleeves that can hold any of our True Writers (pens not included)
  • Each sleeve can hold a pen with up to a 3/4 inch diameter
  • Plaid cotton twill lining
  • Snap closure for security
  • With 5 True Writers inside, it has a 1 1/4 inch diameter
  • Pebbled, full-grain leather in mocha
  • 3W x 1D x 7H
Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap 4.7 5 15 15
Beautiful, high quality pen wrap This is a superb pen wrap. It is well-made and of good quality materials and craftsmanship. Like all the Bomber Jacket materials it's also aesthetically pleasing, with its contrasting stitching and plaid lining. Each pen slot is deep - over 4 inches - meaning that your pens are well-secured. With five pens (including my L-Tech Plus fountain pen with stylus) it closes perfectly, but with any less than that the snap closure mechanism, which doesn't allow for adjustment, makes things a bit loose. I think it's very pricey, but have wanted it for quite some time so finally took the plunge when I could get a bit of a discount. May 29, 2013
Outstanding Pen Wrap As a healthcare provider, pens are a necessity. This wrap lets me keep my favorite pens organized and safe. I can easily move it from bag to bag and know that I am well equipped no matter what I am carrying. I like the size and think it looks great! Great job with this one Levenger! January 31, 2011
Escaping Pens Although the leather and construction are excellent, I find that pens escape from the roll when I carry it in my purse. I wish there was a flap that covered the top of the roll. If I had not personalized this wrap for myself, I would have returned it because I have seen other similar products for less with a flap to contain any pens that want to escape! I hope the manufacturer can improve on this product. It truly is a great idea but it needs some improvement. December 18, 2010
To the Touch This pen wrap is extremely luxurious, functional, stylish, yet rugged. As a colleague once remarked, "That's the largest pocket protector I've ever seen!"...he was jealous. For everyday work, I find that it has ample capacity for 2 fountains, 2 backup rollerballs, and a dry highlighter. Unravelling the wrap is a joy and is now, like most leather items, worked in. As my daily fountain pen collection grew, the wrap is now exclusively fountain pens. Highly recommend it to anyone that values the finer things in life. March 10, 2010
Excellent way to protect your pens I bought the Bomber Jacket Pen Wrap as a gift to myself, and I use it everyday. While there are many wraps from other pen manufacturers available for a more reasonable price, I really like how it matches the rest of my Bomber Jacket gear. The leather and craftsmanship are first-class, exactly what I've come to expect from Levenger. This is a great way of protecting your pen investments in style. While this wrap was made for five pens, I've been able to fit up to seven if the pens are narrow. The only thing I'd add to the product is a leather flap along the top that would cover the tops of the pens to protect them fully when the wrap is closed. Other pen wraps I've seen offer this feature, and the pens are fully enclosed in the wrap. A few of my pens have managed to slip out of the wrap while in my bag. Not a big concern, but worth noting. January 5, 2010
Nice! Although bulky when you put your pens in; the style and functionality of having this makes you feel as if you are a painter and selecting your next brush. It brings the old style of wrapping utensils that are for use in a nice durable storage configuration. August 30, 2009
Nice wrap This wrap is nice leather, nice lining. Fits my Levenger and other pens. It is a bit large for the jacket or pant pocket with 5 pens in it, I usually just carry it in my hand. I am a nerd and this wrap allows me to carry enough fountain pens in different ink colors. April 18, 2009
Make More I got a pen wrap similar to this one from Levenger about 10 years ago, and I love it. I would like another, but I don't like the style of this item. I would prefer not to have the plaid lining or the pebble grain leather. The one I have is just plain black and the leather is very smooth and soft. I wish Levenger would offer this item in several styles. It's a real keeper. August 21, 2008
Beautiful This product is absolutely gorgeous. It is the perfect companion to my pen collection for work or journaling. Everything I have come to expect from Levenger. June 17, 2008
Neatest Idea I LOVE my pen wrap. I can't believe it hasn't been invented sooner (maybe it has, but Levenger put it out there for me). The pen wrap holds all of my Levenger pens, which makes it accessible when looking for a pen in my bag. It's also very impressive when whipping it out to use a pen. I would only recommend that a small pouch be constructed so that it can hold all the refills. Other than that, I am beyond pleased with my pen wrap. Also, the quality of the leather is great - it still smells like a brand new car. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in something different and fun for their own personal collection. May 20, 2008
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