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Carezza Foldup Side Tote 5 5 5 5
Organization, Quality and Style I have waited a long time for this bag. I just bought it on sale and LOVE it. The quality is great and nothing less that what I expect from Levenger. Anyone who loves Levenger, loves organization and this purse more than helps with that. I can carry everything I need in one place and I fell that it is all secure and I am not going to lose anything. I love that i can carry by the double handles or on the shoulder and when i do carry it on the shoulder it stays there, most straps fall off my shoulder. This is the best bag I have had in a very long time! Organization, Quality and Style, my three favorite things!! August 19, 2013
I'm hooked Ok, I admit it. I am addicted to Carezza leather. I now own 2 bags and 2 other pieces in Carezza leather, They have become the standard for all of my bags. I am finding my other bags just don't measure up to the quality and soft feel of the leather, not to mention the excellent workmanship. Expensive? Yes. I findi that the saying "you get what you pay for" applies in this case. That being said however, I always am looking for a sale so I can afford my new passion-Carezza leather bags. This bag has loads of space. I do wish it had pen holders. August 7, 2013
My new favorite bag My criteria for great bags comes down to two things; one is the quality of the leather, and the other is the amount of stuff I can carry without the bag being too heavy. This leather is so beautiful, and at the same time, the leather doesn't start out too heavy. This means I can put more in it. The next most important thing is, are my things organizable, easy-to-find, and safe? This is a great overall bag for all of these reasons. It's easy to sort things into the various pockets, and then find them again. The only thing I wish were different is that the long side pockets don't zip closed, they rely on magnets, which makes this bag a little less than fully secure. The other "bad" thing is that the leather is so perfect, I hesitate to take this bag with me anywhere likely to mar its purple perfection. As for the color, I bought 'eggplant,' which is brighter than a true eggplant, and that makes it violet/purple. Real eggplants are quite dark in hue, but this bag is lighter in hue than that, and is a very pretty color, just not eggplant. I got this bag on sale, which made me love it, and hope it will live forever, or at least as long as I do. I thought it was a great bag while it was full-priced, just a little overpriced. On sale, it's like getting a gift from Levenger. Thank you, Levenger, for stocking such a beautiful bag for a newly reasonable price. July 13, 2013
My highest compliments to whoever designed this! When I saw this in the catalog when it was brand new, I told my husband it looked like the perfect bag and wasn't he lucky I already had a purse I was happy with? But then the strap broke on my other bag and I ordered this one, knowing I wouldn't be satisfied with anything else. I am sooooo happy I did! This is the perfect bag! I put my wallet in one of the zippered sides, and I stuck my checkbooks and receipts in the other. All of the flotsam of my purse goes in the center compartment -- the comb, lotion, etc, and it snaps closed with a magnet. I put my lip balm and lipstick in the front pocket and then bingo -- I realized I could put my office keys in the zippered back pocket -- perfect for keys or a Metro pass card. The two sets of handles have been great -- I can carry it by the short handles most of the time but I can use the shoulder strap when I want. This is by far the most expensive bag I've ever purchased but with the Levenger quality of leather and zippers, I plan to have this for years. I am so happy with this purchase and heartily recommend it! July 10, 2013
Fashionable and High Function This bag is great. I travel extensively and am always looking for the best tote. This bag is optimally sized with options for organizing all of my needed ;stuff. I love it. First week five people stopped me and asked where I got it!!! June 30, 2013
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