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Holding Dear: The Value of the Real

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Getting physical in a virtual age

“We tend to think of objects and feelings as different things. I wonder, when we know more, if we’ll come to see them as essentially the same.” --Steve Leveen

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In a world of touchscreens, discover the lasting power of touchstones—those objects that convey powers beyond themselves, the things you touch that touch you back. In the Levenger Press book Holding Dear, Levenger co-founder Steve Leveen and a circle of Levenger friends reveal the objects that, for them, serve to inspire--thought, action, contemplation, renewal. As we move ever forward into a virtual age, it’s time to look back to our rich physical heritage with renewed appreciation. Use the stories from these 30 voices to reignite your own seeking and finding: your own touchstone.

Discover what Patti Smith, David McCullough, David Allen, Ann Patchett and more hold dear
In this book you’ll find original essays by these friends of Levenger, along with more than 20 others, on the objects of their affection. Among the other contributors are Kate DiCamillo, Joseph Finder, Kevin Kelly and Ross King.

Tip: Click on the image of the back cover of the book to see all the friends of Levenger featured in Holding Dear.

Learn the true history of Levenger and the future of heritage technology
In addition to contemplating the present through these essays, Holding Dear delves into the past and looks into the future. Steve begins the book by recounting the history of Levenger (and how he overcame a youthful mistrust of objects). He then predicts which physical objects from the past--objects based on the heritage technologies of paper, ink and leather--will still hold a place in our virtual future.

Here are two passages from Holding Dear where Steve talks about the value of these heritage technologies, and the future of this Slow Tech:

“Digital files somehow seem to us to have staying power, since they can be copied and transmitted so easily. But in believing this, we may be guilty of the same kind of naïve optimism that has been associated with so many other breakthrough technologies in our past.…” Click here to read more

“The other day while I was cycling, a young man riding a cool white bike passed me. At a traffic light, I came up alongside him and complimented his bike, which looked to be old but expertly restored. ‘Thanks,’ he said. ‘It only looks old. I had it custom made. It’s steel.’ I tell you this story because it shows the role beauty can play in keeping heritage technology lovable….” Click here to read more

In a bow to the heritage technology of paper, this book has been printed on archival-quality paper as a handsome hardcover. It’s bound with a Smythe-sewn binding, the better to keep the book forever (or close to). It’s also proudly printed in America. Only from Levenger.

  • Hardcover with Smythe-sewn binding
  • Full-color photographs
  • 208 pages
  • 5 7/8 x 8
  • Archival-quality paper
  • Soy-based ink
  • Printed in America
  • Not in the bookstores--only from Levenger
Click here to read some excerpts.

If you’re seeking balance in your digital life and enjoy a book that reads like a thoughtful conversation among friends, we recommend Holding Dear.
Holding Dear by Steve Leveen 5 5 9 9
Delightful and Thoughtful Read I ordered this book based on a friend's recommendation and was not disappointed. The author has done a lovely job of collecting beautiful stories from each contributor. It was not too many pages into the book before I found myself considering what I too "hold dear" I have a couple of work-related books I am delving into and having something lighter is quite enjoyable. I keep it by my favorite chair and pick it up to read a selection or two every few days. It stirs up happy memories and helps me ponder what I too hold dear. One item is a paperweight on my desk which was a gift from my father. He and my mom travelled a lot and after she died, I wondered if he would still travel as much. Well, he did travel. The first trip he brought back these beautiful crystal paperweights from Poland. Then he told my two sisters and me that he bought them at the first stop and lugged them for two weeks around the country. Can you imagine? He must have added an extra 15 pounds to his luggage with them. I often hold the paperweight during calls at my desk. I use it for exercises with my hands when they have been too long at a keyboard. I put it on top of my papers I need for the next day. It is such a pretty thing. However, the thought I often have is how my dad carried it around with him because he really wanted to give it to me. What a dad he was and how he loved his family. That is what my paper weight means to me……and I too “hold it dear” now. August 15, 2014
Enjoyable Very interesting informative and enjoyable February 5, 2015
Awesome Book Very high quality book you can enjoy over and over again. Develop an appreciation for physical things. The best book out there explaining how people should appreciate the material items that they have. July 11, 2014
Delightful Read! I purchased "Holding Dear: the value of the real" as a gift for myself. It did not disappoint! A thought-provoking philosophical look at material items and their meaningfulness. Exquisite writing. This is a beautiful book that I can well see myself reading again and again! March 5, 2014
Another Great Book This is the third book I have bought from Levenger and it is my favorite. It was such a delight to read what some of my heroes hold dear, and leave it to Steve to have one of the best entries. He's one of my heroes too! December 29, 2013
A Wonderful Read! I purchased this book for a friend for Christmas and then asked myself why I didn't get one for myself and promptly did that. I love all the new technologies but I also love my old fountain pens and the wonderful papers I have found over the years. Reading about others' touchstones made me think about my own and helped me to rediscover some of them. It is a feel good book with the added bonus of a trip down memory lane. I remember how we discovered Levenger many years ago in a small ad and reading about how you have grown and your sales philosophy just reinforced about "nuts" I am about Levenger. Read this book, take notes and think about what motivates or encourages you to create! December 28, 2013
A Rewarding Read The concept of this book was immediately interesting to me. I bought it primarily as a Patti Smith and Proust fan, but to my delight, every entry has been a pleasure. Each story affords an intimate glimpse of its subject and a wide range of treasured items. As a longtime Levenger customer, I particularly enjoyed Steve Leveen's contribution. Looking for a cozy winter read? Here it is! Enjoy! December 14, 2013
Delightful Delightful book reminding us all to take the time to savor those tangible items in our lives that give us pleasure, and enhance our lives. The contributing writers were varied and interesting, as well as the history of Levenger's beginnings. The book became quite personal to me, as I could easily relate to many of the items/topics mentioned. Another fine product. May 26, 2013
Stellar book Both physically and emotionally, an important discussion of the physical stuff in our lives. The selected contributors are excellent, the sentiment strong, and the statement both needs to be said, and is well articulated here. May 5, 2013
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