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Thai Roll 3.1 5 9 9
Good idea - poor design This is an attractive item, it appeared to fit a need - and the sale price seemed too good to be true. It was. I wanted a tight roll with a horizontal "prop" section in front. This was easier said than done. The best approach I found involved moving the beads out of the way, threading the tie line through a loop on one side, then the other; then tying off in back with something called a taut-line hitch which nestles securely between two rolls. This hitch (handy for tent stakes) is an adjustable knot for used to secure a line under tension to itself (see Wikipedia). Fortunately I've owned two sailboats and have experience with knots. Maybe I've missed something simple. This seemed too hard for what I wanted to do. September 2, 2013
Perfect for Ipad & Books My wife wanted it so she could use it to prop up her ipad & books anywhere she was. She Loves It! July 20, 2013
Ridiculous Use The straps on this are bad, don't hold well. The product is huge and not very portable. It could be a lot smaller, and a lot more functional. I don't use this to prop up books, rather I found one day that it provides good lumbar support. I have back pain/issues and cannot sit back in a chair, I'm also very small, but this is so large it gives me lumbar support, more so than other lumbar pillows I have used (when rolled up). If it weren't for this odd coincidence of utility, I would have returned the product upon receiving it, as there are many nice wood products that are cheaper, more portable, and hold the book open as well. This is not something I would ever use for what it is advertised to do, and I read for a living. May 31, 2013
As advertised The Thai Roll is as beautiful as it is functional. I love the workmanship on it, and it holds my Paperwhite beautifully. I can read for extensive periods of time without having to worry about my hands getting tired. I love it! I bought the red one for my best friend who also loves to read. She equated this to "the best thing since ..." April 20, 2013
ok, but needs improvement I like the concept, but the little silver knobs need to be changed to wood beads, or better yet, wood toggle 'buttons'. My cat chewed on one of the silver knobs and it broke in half. I replaced it with a wood bead, which she can chew on without effect. I like the idea of toggles since they would be easier to get in the loops. December 11, 2012
Great gift I chose this product despite the negative reviews because I knew my partner would like it, and I knew Levenger would take it back if it wasn't perfect. My partner is very happy with it because of the styling and versatility, and I played around with it to check the quality of the workmanship and found it to be very good. Maybe the first batch had problems, no idea, but the one received is a keeper. September 16, 2012
Great so far... I got this despite the negative review. i really wanted to have something that was adjustable for the ipad. I have used it for the ipad, and also lay it flat on my lap for my laptop. It protects my legs from the heat. It looks great, and so far works pretty good. If anything, i may stitch up the loops a bit so they are tighter. The knobs do sometimes come loose. I have no issues with quality of the workmanship - can't see the stuffing, stitching is fine. I have the green and it's very nice looking - nice green color. September 12, 2012
Beautiful idea but... ...sadly did not honor my great expectation for this product. I purchased this Thai Roll in both colors as gifts to accompany the latest iPad for my son and daughter's graduation! I desired a complete iPad outfit and was so excited. Both pads did not come close to functioning as description promised. Slippage of the straps disabled ability to properly hold up the iPad. The little silver beads cracked with no provocation. The beads lent a subtle exotic detail which added a complimentary feature we could not enjoy. My low rating reflects my disappointment with my experience for we cannot use the Thai Pads. I must say this is not my usual experience with Levenger products. I greatly appreciate and admire Levenger's innovative, and evolving presence. This faulty product experience is an exception to the greater rule of Levenger's superlative product quality and "golden" customer satisfaction. August 24, 2012
Thai Roll This is a shabby product. The little buttons slip out of the loops and you can see the stuffing through the seams. I cant figure out how to make it hold an iPad without supporting it with my knees. It's a nice idea but the construction and design are poor. August 2, 2012
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