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Bomber Jacket Optic Racer 4.7 5 13 13
Excellent Design This item is great for anyone needing two pairs of glasses. I use it for sunglasses and reading glasses. This design is much improved over the previous that had two zipper pockets. The magnet flap for the outside pocket is much more durable than a zipper and doesn't wear out over frequent access to my reading glasses. January 29, 2011
UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL Instead of going to bifocals I am hanging on to my separate reading and driving glasses ... and when not reading and driving I don't need or wear glasses. So this product is perfect for me. it gets hard use with much zipping and unzipping all day long. I had to order a replacement case and I fervently hope that Levenger continues to offer it for many, many more years. September 21, 2010
the Ideal Iphone case I have looked everywhere for the best of iphone cases and nothing so far compares to this product. The Zipper is perfect with the ability to have the headset slip out protecting the connection, the belt loop connection will ensure I never loose the pouch, the size is just small enough to wear everyday with every outfit without being too obtrusive. And it has a place for my sunglasses making it the most important part of my attire. Convience, Security, very well designed, and hey... it's Leveneger so you know your getting something designed for daily use. December 23, 2009
Love the Bomber Jacket Line I love the bomber jacket line and have several products in this series. The optic racer is a quality product I use every day for my glasses and shades. My only criticism is that the pen holder is not of sufficient circumference to completly engage a quality classic pen. The magnetic latch works very efficienly. October 22, 2008
Bomber Jacket Optic Racer I purchased this as a gift for my wife, to replace a previous Levenger product no longer made. She likes its durability and convenience, because she needs to carry both sunglasses and reading glasses with a pen when she works outside. It also fits comfortably in her purse for shopping or travel. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to carry two pair of glasses. February 1, 2008
NIce for shades and eyeglasses This is a quality case, and you can carry both your shades and your eyeglasses together! February 1, 2008
Great Eyeglass Case! I bought this for my husband for Christmas (along with the Bomber jacket messenger bag) to keep his sunglasses and eyeglasses in one place. Great product and I love how everything matches! February 1, 2008
Very useful I really like this case and have used it as a stand alone belt pouch for glasses and wallet. Quality is superb. November 30, 2007
Bomber Racer Optic I bought the Racer Optic for my sunglasses and regular distance glasses. I thought the case would be smaller than my existing case, but I was wrong, it was way too large to carry around. If they made this case smaller it would have been excellent! November 29, 2007
Multi Functional We searched for a glasses/pen case locally, on-line and in catalogues. This one (even though it is for two pair of glasses) is perfect for my boss. He carries both pens & pencils and his glasses to meetings and this works for both - in one attractive carrier. It is quality and functionality! Great product! November 13, 2007
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