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Bookography Refill Sheets Letter 4 5 2 2
Track your reading As an avid reader, I frequently attend a book fair or browse book stores. Not knowing if I have read certain book is frustrating, as an older book can be republished with a new cover so it doesn't look familiar. Never Again! Bookography also provides a place to make notes on the book, leaving the text clean. October 18, 2007
Getting started. Bookography products can help you get started keeping track of what you read and your thoughts about each book. The Circa system makes it painless to slip sheets in and out of the notebook. The sheets themselves are of high quality paper, but a bit overdesigned for most adults. The response blanks might be better suited to teenagers who need to be prompted. In fact, I have given Bookography sets to two teenagers, and they say they really enjoy using them. October 17, 2007
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