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Pocket too thin for some phones This is lovely, lovely clutch, but the outside pocket won't close with my phone (Motorola droid). I can put it in the zip around section, but that isn't very practical! March 6, 2013
Perfect Carry Around I've been looking for something to carry my daily essentials around campus and to meetings (i'm a professor) for quite some time. Something than looks professional and doesn't look like a pencil case or make up bag so I don't have to carry a purse. So happy I found this. What's in mine? Key drives, iPad stylus, pen, money, business cards, campus credit card, keys, lipstick, pen. I like my phone out and ready I put it on top of the pocket and hold the whole thing in one hand. It is a bit expensive but totally worth it. Things I would add - a ring inside to clip drives or keys. I love the purple one but for more conservative environments more neutral colors might work better. February 15, 2013
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