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Nantucket iPhone 5 Case 2.5 5 6 6
Functional and attractive Super case for keeping the load light when I travel. I have not experienced any quality issues as a few reviewers have noted. July 17, 2014
Product Quality Needs Improvement I am now on my third Nantucket IPHONE case and it is aid to be a better quality. My first two broke at the top and bottom. I really like the look and feel of the case, so I am hoping this new version works better. May 16, 2014
Broke after 6 weeks' use Love the case. Unfortunately, it started to loosen up and when I went to see if I could tighten it up with a little pressure (very little), the top edge of the bottom portion broke off in 2 pieces. I don't know if the wood was too brittle or what, but the friction felt inside should cause a tighter fit. Had it not loosened up, this "accident" would never have happened. I love the case so much I decided to replace it with what hopefully is a better and improved next-run version. I'm waiting on its processing and delivery now. April 6, 2014
agreement with other reviews Do not order this item, unless there is an improved version. It looks great, bamboo is a great material - but: Upon arrival this case splintered in 2 places. Totally useless. March 30, 2014
Disappointed I had the same experience as Andy17. Love this case, but I used it for only a short time and it split and then cracked all the way through. I had it only about a week. It's too bad because it is gorgeous and unique. March 4, 2014
Falls apart After using this beautiful case for two days it began splitting apart and is now sitting at home not on my phone. Shame it looked and felt great until then. I will be trying to get my money back. February 15, 2014
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