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Grid-It Organizer 4.5 5 8 8
Mobile organization I bought all three sizes. The small I use daily to transfer items from my messenger bag to my smaller iPad carrying case as needed. This keeps my favorite pen and pencil set secure, and smaller items together. I now rarely forget to bring my pocket camera with me. The medium size I use for my brief case. And the larger size fits my 17" laptop case. While my laptop is already quite a load, I do not mind the added weight of the large Grid-It because everything can be seen. It reduces the possibility of forgetting an item when traveling. Tip: I take a picture of the Grid-It with my phone and use Evernote to keep the image as a reminder of the items attached. When I'm packing to return home, I refer to the photo to make sure I've not forgotten anything. July 15, 2012
Innovative Design, But Too Heavy After my first Grid-It (the small version) I thought, "How did I live without this?" Loved it so much I bought the large version for my briefcase. The weight wasn't an issue until I went on a business trip to NYC. I felt that extra pound as I walked and rode subways constantly throughout that trip. It's innovative, fun to play with, but just too heavy unless you're carrying it in a bag with wheels. The small one is still useful, but the large one remains at home these days. Instead, I purchased a Stow-It panel from Levenger and that goes with me in my briefcase instead. Not as urban chic and attention-getting as the large Grid-it, but it works. Since I wouldn't have to carry it, I'm eyeing the new Grid-it Sun Visor Organizer. That would make a perfect gift for the person who has everything. November 22, 2010
Amazing innovation No more tangled cords. No more wondering if I've remembered to bring the right cables on my business trip. This is an amazing aid, whether you're a road warrior or an occasional traveler for pleasure. I find it indispensable. Not only would I recommend it to friends, I already have. And I don't find it at all heavy. August 21, 2010
great design, a little heavy, but does the job. I really like the design of this, you literally have layers of grippy bands of different sizes to slip things into and they stay in place quite well due to the soft rubber dots all over the bands. However, I too was surprised at how heavy this is. It's weight is not a "product killer" for me, but it seems they could make it lighter. Also, I have the large size which is just a bit too big to fit into my folio briefcase (the kind that zips closed at the top)..It does fit into my regular briefcase. The medium looks a little small for what I want. Still, this is a VERY innovative and cool product. April 3, 2010
Great Design but Too Heavy I couldn't wait to get this so I could organize all the cords and cables in my briefcase. They all fit neatly but when i picked up my case, it seemed to weigh twice as much. It turns out that the large size weighs almost as much as my laptop. Sadly, I must say that even though I love the design, I will not be able to use it because I don't need any more weight on my shoulders. Levenger, could you make a lighter version? March 31, 2010
A "why didn't I invent this?" product Once you try this, you'll wonder why it hadn't been invented earlier. I find it perfect for keeping track of my USB broadband modem and cords for all my devices. It also securely grips onto any Levenger pen. What's ideal is that everything's visible at a glance, and the small size works perfectly for tucking into a laptop briefcase. I'm going to buy a medium and large now -- they're that useful and practical. March 16, 2010
Awesome This is the best product that I have found for storing cell phones, cameras, i-pods, etc. You can clearly see everything - no zippers to unzip. Everything is held secure. So simple but effective. I ordered a Large for travel and love it so much that I am ordering a small for my purse and a medium for my briefcase! February 8, 2010
Practical & Brilliant This was the perfect solution to the nest of wires and ancillary electronic gear in my daily business bag. Now - everything is in one place - easily accessible and reachable. I ordered the Large first - am ordering the Medium and Small next. Fabric hooks are located at one end to hang at home - outside of briefcase - if needed. The price was definitely right and cannot be matched for the amount of organization one tool delivered. Bravo! February 6, 2010
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