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Almost perfect It's been great to always have the essentials with me, whether or not I am wearing a suit with pockets. I've used this case for more than 6 months now. I do have a few suggestions: I need an exterior pocket for quickly grabbing my work ID or train pass; I'd like a key ring; and I agree that bills should fit without folding or struggling with them. (Just increasing the length pf the wallet by 1/2 inch should do it.) Another reviewer mentioned needing a short strap. Levenger does have them, I believe for the Carezza style. March 26, 2014
Almost exactly what I wanted This case has quality you can see and feel. I liked it so much that I bought another one for my mother for her birthday. An additional shorter strap and a way to hold my check book would make it perfect. March 10, 2014
Not Quite Perfect I was looking for that perfect little phone, card, money case. I love this case, but if it had a short strap as well, I could clip it to my bag when I needed to. Since it doesn't have that strap, I've seldom used it and have been searching for a strap or a new case. Any strap ideas appreciated March 3, 2014
The best case yet! I have had many phone cases over the years but none as soft, practicle and stylish as this. I had purchased a Galaxy 5 and all the cases I saw in shops were really ugly, sending my right to Levenger because I wanted style as well as quality. The Marley going out holds all in one neat package, room for cards, cash, the phone and even room for a stylist, what more could a girl want. I'm so glad I bought it. Thanks Levenger! December 14, 2013
Returning product If the purple color had been what the photograph portrayed, this would be fabulous. Unfortunately, it was so dark as to look black, I returned it and adding insult to injury, had to pay return shipping and insurance costs. December 9, 2013
Love it! I have had the rust/raisin one for a few years now and bought the black/red as a backup. I use the old one all the time. I don't carry a cell phone, so that is not an issue for me. I carry driver's license, debit card, several other cards such as library, change, lipstick, a few $s, a pen, house & car keys, and my sunglasses. In the cell phone pocket, I carry several Levenger 3x5 cards. About the only time I carry a larger bag is when I want to take my Kindle. I agree with one of the reviewers who said it would be useful if the length were sufficient to carry bills without having to fold them. Even with that, this is a wonderful hard-working bag. October 27, 2013
Fits my phone This is a lovely case and am so pleased that it truly fits my Samsung Galaxy S3; I've been searching for a wristlet that I didn't have to cram the phone into, and this one is perfect. Plus the cross-body strap is perfect. The only "ding" I would give is for the color; the leather isn't as bright a purple as the picture showed it to be and it contrasts with the zipper material because it's a VERY dark shade of purple. Being in the Red Hat Society, I'm always on the lookout for things that are red & purple; I was drawn to this item because it has both colors on it. But it's close enough to keep and the traditional Levenger quality doesn't disappoint. October 26, 2013
Gift from my husband This is perfect for quick trips and fashional so it is in style wherever I go. I loved mine so much we bought another to give to our daughter for Christmas. We are celebrating Christmas early because our son is in the Air Force and will not be able to be home at Christmastime. October 26, 2013
Pretty, but design not very functional Do you know what would have been a really good idea? If the wallet was big enough to actually hold bills without folding them. October 10, 2013
Perfect The Marley going out phone case is the perfect answer for almost all going out. I could not be happier with mine. September 23, 2013
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