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True Writer Silver Anniversary Rollerball 4.5 5 2 2
Professional Well balanced, a joy to write with. July 6, 2013
Quite nice, if a bit top-heavy. The pen looks great, and I've always been a fan of Levenger fibertip cartridges. It is, and feels extremely solid. At 41 grams with a fiber tip cartridge, it's significantly heavier than a 30g Waterman Expert II rollerball or a 23g resin True Writer fountain pen (my Wahls, being ringtops, are a mere 14g for the heaviest). In fact, it's one of the heaviest pens I have. The chief annoyance of this, for me, is not so much the weight itself, but the balance. Changing or maintaining the angle of the pen in my hand can often seem more difficult than it should be, especially at steeper angles, and the top of the pen can often feel like it is pushing down toward the paper. This would likely be less noticeable with a fountain pen, where I would hold the pen at a far shallower angle. In comparing the center of gravity to other pens, it seems to be in the same place, and so I think the issue is more that the weight makes that center of gravity a nuisance. I feel that there should be more weight toward the bottom of the pen, and may try adding some in the future. For now, I simply write without the cap on top of the pen, in which case the balance is much, much better. November 7, 2012
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