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Departures Case 4.4 5 17 17
It was too big for me. Levenger's Road Scolar used be my favorite travel case, but it has too much pocket and little bit thick. So, I looked for a thin case. I thought departure Case would be best for me. Then I got it, but I made a mistake, this was thinner than Road scholar, but much bigger than it!! I feel, this is too big, but pocket inside is too few... April 6, 2012
Great value The departures case is a great value, especially as I caught it on sale. The other reviews that mention its thinness are right on, and that might be a drawback for someone looking for a portable filing cabinet. It's just a simple zippered case. The leather is excellent and nicely pebbled. The only tweak I would recommend to Levenger is to add a full length slot inside the case. That would be ideal to hold some of the paper that will not fit in the little credit card slots, etc. That's really the only downside I see. February 11, 2012
Not RFID Protected I ordered 2 for a trip overseas, but returned the product after discovering that it does not contain RFID protection in the lining to prevent pirates from scanning magnetic strips on passports, IDs and credit cards. August 14, 2011
another use for a departures case My sister gave me a departure case for Christmas as we had intended to go to England in the spring. That trip has been delayed, so I wondered how to use the departures case until we could go to England. My sister had also given me a Kindle for my birthday (isn't she just the best sister in the world?). I was amazed to find that the Kindle fits perfectly in the departures case. The plug on the UB cable fits above the Kindle and makes only a small bump. The nice soft cloth included in the gift box wraps around the Kindle and protects the screen. Of course, I should not have been surprised at the versatility of a Levenger product. They are always among my favorites gifts to give and to receive. Thanks again for a perfect product. December 27, 2010
Handy and sturdy I have used the departures case for years and am amazed I am the first to write a review on the product. I travel often internationally and it makes a perfect place to store throughout the trip a passport, ticket and boarding passes, hotel bills, and other receipts. My case remains almost as good as new, including the zipper (which I would have expected to break), years after I bought it. June 18, 2010
I continue to buy these for friends I have bought many of these in the past 2 years. I keep all travel info and cards in this pouch. I'm always organized at the airport. Most of my friends and family have received one from me. April 5, 2008
Handy and Durable I bought this for myself as part of my annual New Year's resolution to be more organized. Since the beginning of the year I have kept this handy litte holder in my briefcase to carry bills and important documents I can work on during spare moments of the day. I purposely purchased the RED case so even I cannot ignore it. The leather is thick and durable. So far this little organizational trick is working quite well. I wish I had purchased one a long time ago! March 23, 2008
Good Product I purchased this product as a thank you give for 3 different customers. I had their initials engraved on the front. I was really impressed with how quickly I received them and how nice they were. They are good quality, and something I was proud to send to our customers. March 3, 2008
great design beautiful quality! Leather insider and out. Holds airline tickets, passport, id, and credit cards yet is slim enough to fit into a purse. Perfect size, perfect quality. I love it! February 2, 2008
Wonderful Tool This keeps me organized every time I travel for work. Finally I have a way to keep my receipts together and I always know where my passport is! February 1, 2008
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