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Carezza Circa Folio 5 5 3 3
Carezza clearly a winner! I was looking for a circa notebook as an upgrade from a knock-off version as I had proven to myself I was committed to Circa. I wanted something with the discs covered and originally was considering a zip folio but wanted flexibility so I opted for the Bomber expandable Breifolio and this for the note taking. I have the plum and it is a very subdued hue - I do not feel out of place in a very conservative business environment. In terms of functionality, I swapped out the discs for a 3/4" size which is perfect - still room to store things in front. I gave alight ding on the function as the notion of using pen loops to keep it closed is not practical for me however the number of pockets in the front makes storage work. I was initially unsure of the flexibility of the style but now find it works great in meetings where space is constrained (can fold on itself) and simply is less obtrusive than my past forays into business folios. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the bottom pocket in the front cover on the left is the perfect size for my iPhone 5 with a cover on it which was a total surprise and bonus finding! Makes heading to meetings seemless. I'm considering purchasing an iPad so I'll update my review if I do to note whether it would fit in the zipper compartment in the front. I would highly recommend as the leather is beautiful, the price (I got it on sale!) very reasonable, and truly this piece will be a part of my daily routine for years to come! July 19, 2013
Love this folio! I wish Levenger would consider making the Brief Folio in Carezza Leather!!!!!!! June 19, 2013
Great investment I bought this notebook as a gift to myself for completing my master's thesis. As I had hoped, the leather is buttery soft and the notebook itself has a smaller footprint that the leather foldover notebook. I'm very happy with the purchase and it immediately became my main Circa notebook, which is great considering I got it monogrammed! The pockets are very handy and get used often, though I'm reticent to put any stapled papers in them for fear of scratching the leather. I wish I could magically revise all my other Circa notebooks to include all of these front pockets in them as well! Some things to note about the function: in having the smaller footprint, the leather is almost flush against the plastic covers of the notebooks themselves. I would have preferred something that extended past the plastic probably 1/4" - 1/2" more than it does now, but it's not so inconvenient that I'm terribly bothered by it once I adjusted how I closed the notebook. Speaking of closing the notebook, using the pen loops is kind of essential to keeping this notebook closed, which I would have preferred were not the case. I chose this notebook in large part because of how much it resembles the Softfolio. Along those lines, I would probably have been happier with a similar magnet closure than the dual pen loop approach. As an aside, I did receive the 1/2" discs with this rather than the 3/4" discs I was told by Customer Service that I would receive. While that was a non-issue since I ordered a set of 1" discs for this notebook at the same time as the purchase, I have far less use for the 1/2" discs and would prefer to get the 3/4" ones. I also recently bought the iPad Circa folio and received the same 1/2" discs in that one, so I wonder if that's just where Levenger is heading with their free-with-purchase discs. Disappointing, but not a deal-breaker. March 29, 2013
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