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Carry My World iPhone Wallet 3 5 1 1
Good idea, but needs improvement While I like the idea of combo iPhone/wallet in this book-opening style, this particular case is less user-friendly than I expected. The iPhone holder is far too large, meaning the phone will slide out whenever the wallet is opened. In order to keep it tightly in place, I've actually put my iPhone back into its old hard case; the two of them together makes the phone thick enough to hold securely. In addition, the credit card storage space is very tight. I can only fit one card in each pocket, which is extremely limiting. Also, while the outer pocket is suggested for keeping money, it is so narrow that the top edge of the bills stick out; this makes me nervous about carrying the wallet around as a clutch. And the notion of keeping change in the pocket (which is, I believe, suggested in the description) is absurd. Finally, even with such minimal use of storage, the wallet barely closes, no doubt because of the iPhone "fix" I was forced to use. I know the leather will stretch in time, but meanwhile the problem is frustrating. In its favor, the wallet case is well-made, with good quality leather. I also like the color. However, a redesign is definitely in order. May 25, 2012
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