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English Phone and Note Case 2.8 5 5 5
Pleasantly surprised! I'd been eyeing this case for some time, and really wanted the pink. However, I have my iphone 4s in a Lifeproof case, which is vital for its future existence. (I'm pretty rough on electronics...) and the stated dimensions of the phone case sounded too small for my phone + case. After the most recent price drop, I couldn't resist, but ended up with green as the pink had sold out. In the worst possible scenario, I thought I'd use the case to replace my well worn pocket briefcase. However, upon arrival, I discovered that my phone + case fit (albeit snugly) and still allowed the zipper to close. Admittedly, taking out the phone means unzipping this case and pulling the phone out of its spot, but I really like how that keeps me from messing with my phone during meals and meetings. I only have one or two cards in the notecard spot, which keeps me from hauling around more than I need. I'm really happy with this purchase and thrilled to find it at a great price. (Even though it's not pink..) March 24, 2013
First Time disappointed I bought this in Green (on Sale) had to exchange it because the Thread came of the Pencil Compartment, got another one, that was all right. Ordered another in Blue as a Gift, it came today had to send it back again today, has a cut on the right Side, I will not exchange this one. Disappointed But for the Price for sending it back twice already, I could a got another one for a few dollars more. I love Levenger but that Item, was not a good Choice. March 22, 2013
Glad I did not pay the retail price! Leather quality is there, however, function is not. Hard to remove the phone, hard to remove the pen and the notecards do not fit. Great zipper! I bought on sale but would have sent this back in a heartbeat if I had paid retail! Disappointed. March 20, 2013
Using for iPod I got this in Pink for a Girlfriend, and she loves it. She uses it for her iPod Classic, ear buds, note cards, pen (provided), and I've seen her throw a little cash or a business card into it from time to time. The fob on the zipper it a little big and heavy in my opinion, but she hasn't complained. Overall, it is a little larger than necessary for the iPod & co., but I guess that just means she can use it for something bigger in the future if The note card section is a little tight, and it holds four cards properly. With minute tolerances in this area, it may vary a little from case to case. The pink colour is very vibrant, as in the photo. A successful gift. Quality seems and feels good. Functions well. October 24, 2012
So disappointed I LOVE Levenger's .. but this product is below par. I admit I was intrigued by the bright colors and thought it would be great when my new iPhone 5 arrived. However, when this case arrived there were problems. 1. The outside zipper does Not close all the way leaving a gap at the end of the track. 2. The 3x5 cards do NOT fit properly. I tried to adjust the opening but I could barely fit one card in and it still bulges. 3. The pen is nice but hard to remove. 4. this was advertised as a fit for the new iPhone 5. It is NOT ... unless you squeeze the phone in but then it is hard to squeeze out. 5. I was excited to order this even at such a high price because I thought it would be distinctive and eye-catching. I got it engraved as well. I am very disappointed and sad that I can't even use this case. . October 10, 2012
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