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Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Ballpoint

Price: $65.00
Item: AP13208
A Ferrari pen to zoom through your writing with style
Two amazing brands unite to bring you superior writing style and quality in this luxury ballpoint pen. Sheaffer brings you a collection of premium writing instruments that reflect the values and characteristics of the acclaimed Scuderia Ferrari. Gleaming in the instantly recognizable red, the Sheaffer Ferrari ballpoint has a sleek design and proudly displays both the official Ferrari emblem and Sheaffer¹s world renowned White Dot symbol of excellence.
  • Deploys with a twist
  • 5 7/16L x 1/2 diameter; 1.6 oz
  • We offer Sheaffer ballpoint refills

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Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Ballpoint 5 5 6 6
Great Pen This Sheaffer Ferrari 300 Ballpoint Pen has a lot of class and it feels like you have a nice pen in your hand. This is the first nice pen I have purchased and Levenger was very quick to deliver me this Beautiful red Pen in a nice red case and slip case. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for style. January 22, 2014
Great Pen! This is a very solid pen, well balanced, a bit thick for small hands, but great for bigger ones. It looks quite impressive in the Ferrari Scuderia Red, and the little yellow Ferrari crest adds a fun touch. Only one minor issue, you have to screw the pen shut tightly, so that it doesn't become loose when twisting it to expose the lead. July 10, 2014
Ferrari 300 Pen Since 6th grade, that my dad got me a Parker 51, I have always been a regular customer for nice pens and I currently have collection of 120+ nice pens, that I am very proud of! Some of those pens came from Levenger, I am happy to say! About 15 years ago, I purchased a Mercedes Benz pen, which I enjoyed. Less than a year later, I purchased 2 Mercedes Benz cars for my wife and me. Now, you know what went through my mind, when I saw this beautiful Ferrari Red pen! It's a very nice hefty, balanced and RED pen. I have enjoyed it very much so far and I certainly hope it will lead to a Red Ferrari Car, soon! December 29, 2013
attractive design and color I bought this as a present based on looks alone. The sheer beauty of this pen made me choose it, together with another Levenger pen. I have no doubt that the Ferrari writes well. This may not be a helpful review, but it's important for me to like a product very much before I'm willing to part with my money. Oh yes, I also like the name. December 29, 2013
attention getter ok, im a bit of a pen and watch freak. But I am very particular about both. This pen is a absolute winner and a great addition to my collection. From the ferrari red lacquer finish, to the smooth flow of the ink and of course the well balanced body, this one is a great addition to any collection. it is a beauty to be sure and will get attention every time you us it. I love and for the price it is a good solid quality build writing instrument. But what did you expect from sheaffer and ferrari, a ugly crummy pen, I think not! December 21, 2013
Writes like a million bucks This is a beauty of a pen and the write is smooth as silk. I love its weight and substance, and the Ferrari red finish is glossy and lustrous. Sheaffer and Levenger, thank you for this sporty, stylish and spectacular pen! May 29, 2013
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