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Good Reminder Tool I use these primarily for daily planning and with my PDA. Although I have a running weekly/daily planner, I "attach" a "To Do" card to that day when it is important that activities be done in sequence and when there are many details that should not be forgotten. Also, whenever I go out to do errands, I put the "To Do" card with the list of places I need to go and the special items I wish to obtain. Useful for doctor's visits when I need to remember to bring up matters not directly related to the primary purpose of the visit. Very, very handy because these cards are so easily transportable in PDA, purse, or pocket and easily attached to notebook pages, et al. Excellent quality card stock. A little pricey, but worth it. January 31, 2012
Handy by the phone These small cards are really well made, not flimsy like ordinary note paper. You can use a fountain pen and not have to worry about blotting. I stack my note cards by my phone and the messages I need to keep get sorted in my Levenger card beacher. I'm hoping they will eventually offer them so that you can order the colors individually, not just in assortments. The most eye-pleasing color is the pastel tan/gray. If this becomes available by itself, I'm going to order them engraved. May 29, 2008
Great for list makers I love these To Do List cards! I have been a long time Palm PDA user and just recently moved back to a paper-based system. These cards replace both my Palm and my computer's To Do Lists and I don't have to synchonize anything. It doesn't get any easier than these cards. February 8, 2008
Perfect for listmakers Thank you Levenger for coming out with this perfect card for list-making. I have been a big fan of their 3X5 card system and use it all the time. Until now, I've made my lists on the regular lined 3X5 cards but this is even better! The new cards let you prioritize your To-Do lists and check them off once they're completed. Absolutely perfect! February 2, 2008
Great little tool! I love my new "To Do" List 3 x 5 cards. I use one set for keeping track of my three daughters; one set for my Bed & Breakfast business; and the third for home and personal things. It is great to see how many items I have checked off by the end of the week. February 1, 2008
Great Item Perfect for work. Easy to carry and great for keeping organized. November 30, 2007
Finally. . . Solution Management Tools! I have been managing a very complex business for over thirty years and always transferring and re-writing best practices and key learnings of our business and finally found a great business tool to use! It not only makes it easier but the high quality and portability of the materials and supplies is very professional. Srongly and highly recommend this entire system of managing information. November 29, 2007
To Do Cards I love these cards. I carry lists with me all the time and these are perfect. October 18, 2007
Perfect for those mini projects I really love the large Project Planner pages, but for my mini projects, such as Service Packs to applications, issue resolutions, etc., I don't need the whole big page. Theses little cards do just the trick. I arrange them in the "bleachers" on my desk according to where each project is in the process so that any time there is a question, my whole staff knows right where we are. Much easier for the small stuff than using software programs to track, and there is always a record of it later if a large project follows the fix. October 17, 2007
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