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Swiftnotes Refill set of 4 pads 4.5 5 4 4
Fix the paper please! I have read several reviews complaining about the paper for the Swiftnotes note pad and I agree. It doesn't tear properly. Will this ever be fixed? November 21, 2011
Great pad, need more it fits This is a great pad. I ordered several because they are so hard to find. Then I lost my leather jotter. Levenger doesn't have much that these pads fit into so I have to order a new jotter from someone else. May 1, 2009
Great Writing Surface Heavy weight paper and smooth writing surface. February 5, 2008
Swiftnotes Good quality paper. The only size that fits my pocket notebook, so I willingly pay the bit higher price to continue to use the notebook. February 1, 2008
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