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Moleskine Digital Folio iPad 4.4 5 5 5
Can't use with iPad 2 This is a great idea and a product I wish I could use, but it doesn't work with the iPad 2. That should be in bold letters so it is very clear. Now with the iPad 3 ready to be released it would be nice if Moleskine came out with an update. February 16, 2012
Awesome Product! I have been a dedicated Moleskine user for over 15 years - how exciting I can now combine pen/ink with my iPad. If you love Moleskine - you'll love this iPad folio. Pros - internal iPad antenna is not blocked as with some other covers, cover bends back nicely to suppot standing, note pad paper is lovely, the elastic band keeps folio closed and you can slip a pen in the spin without creating bulk. Cons - Moleskine should concider a lined pad in the next production. Excellent product overall! January 12, 2012
Love it....but where can I get refils? I have been looking for this product since I purchased my iPad. I have always loved moleskin notebooks so this product is great for me. I do have one question/concern: where can I find replacement notebooks???? September 23, 2011
Excellent Tool I have been using this for a few weeks now and find it to be extremly usefull. The ability to carry my ipad and have a notepad for note taking is great. This allows you to combine 2 great features into one compact item to shuttle between meetings. I would recommend this to everyone. September 8, 2011
An Awesome Moleskine This iPad case has the look and feel of a Moleskine, with the added bonus of a great reporter notepad on the side for writing. What makes this different from most other cases is the changability: if you're a righty you can put the notepad on the right, if a lefty you can move to the left. I like being able to take notes when I'm on my iPad, but hadn't had a way to do so until now. Expensive but worth it if you use your iPad for work as I do. August 1, 2011
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