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True Writer Obsidian Mini Ballpoint 5 5 1 1
Excellent Instrument, wonderful writer The True Writer® Obsidian Mini Ballpoint will cause you to ask "Why did I hesitate before ordering this ballpoint writing instrument?" From the first stroke of a letter to the final period, this device writes smoothly, without the normal let-me-draw-circles-on-a- scratch-pad-to-get-the-ink-rolling. This pen equips you with the confidence it is ready to go without skipping or leaving messy blobs of ink; it requires no warming-up. The smooth writing experience provided by the pen is noticeable from the beginning; it is pleasing and makes you think the pen is self-propelled. There is no skipping or hesitation. Monogramming the pen adds a special touch that (hopefully) will deter someone from borrowing it without permission. I am ordering this for my friends and family; they will appreciate the small but manageable size. Maybe this will become available in other colors, yes? December 28, 2011
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