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Slim Wallet Writer 4.8 5 18 18
Business Card-Sized "Clipboard" The Slim Wallet Writer is the smallest of a troika of similar products, from the Pocket Briefcase [on the thickest end] to the Essential [in the middle] to the Slim [on the thinnest end!]. With Levenger having all three in-stock, it is quite easy to pick the right product for the right use/function for the right recipeint. I have bought the Slim Wallet Writer, hereafter SWW, as a gift to family and friends for two specific uses. First, SWW is a business card holder -- that also has blank cards to take or give a note where doing so on the back of the business card would be wasteful or inappropriate. And second, SWW is portable clipboard where one wants to take notes for him/herself, for example: situation: to upgrade to a newer version of digital camera. Use on SWW card to record specs and features of camera A, another card for B, etc. The cards are standard sized, granted small, but with a fine pointed pen, one can jot a lot of information on a small card. The holder itself is well-designed and well-constructed. It is sturdy but stylish. One minor design suggestion for the SWW as well as the Essential and Pocket Briefcase: the curved or arched pocket design of the Thinster Wallet. It is easier to retrieve a card behind a curve than a rectangle! December 26, 2010
Cute product... I bought it as a gift for my fiance. He doesn't like bulky wallets so I thought this was a perfect gift to give him. He usually carries his ID and bank card in his pocket and is constantly loosing them both! Plus he's a musician and likes to write notes/thoughts/lyrics down so I thought this had everything he would be looking for. It's small and compact too, fits right in the palm of your hand. and very light weight! November 29, 2009
Can't get along without it! This is the first thing I put in my pocket when I go out, then my money and keys. I take this gem with me everywhere for whatever note I need to remind myself of or hand off to someone else--a phone number, a shop or street name, a book title. You name it. The pockets allow me to carry a couple of business cards, my own and others', and occasionally a credit card I might need just for the day. Usually I put it in my shirt pocket; I know just where it is in a meeting, in a store, in the car, visiting with friends, and can slip it in and out without hunting around for paper. No shirt pocket? It slips right into my jeans. It holds up without getting scuffed or bent. Whoever created this was a genius. May 24, 2009
Great and Functional This is a great product and easily one of the most useful tools. I keep business cards right at hand, and the ability to make a quick note is superb. The size makes it a great trade when I don't want to carry my 3x5 tools, or when I'm at a dinner meeting and need to jot a quick note easily. The integrated pen sleeve is convenient as well, meaning I don't always have to keep a pen at the ready, and excellent for the business casual polo shirt sans pocket! I keep some family photos close at hand in the center sleeve pocket for travel as well. I'll be using this as a client holiday gift after the many compliments I've received asking where these can be bought. October 24, 2008
Cant go to a trade show with out it Trade shows have not been the same since I got this product. It is hard to handle all the cards I receive with a standard business card holder. I use the Slim Wallet Writer to store business cards I receive and carry a set of my own to hand out. It makes it wonderful to jot down information on the card and is convenient to get at in a pinch. October 23, 2008
Perfect for the organization junkie! I still like writing my to-do lists and this is a very efficient way of doing it. The size is perfect for on-the-go trips and errands. It may be stowed on your pocket or in your tiniest purse. And I love checking off whatever task I've already accomplished. Best for jotting down ideas you don't want to lose because it's easily accesible. Beats any electronic gadget ! July 4, 2008
Great purchase I'm very pleased with this purchase. I have used the regular size shirt pocket briefcase, and it is very great for writing notes and storing in your car/backpack. However, it's too large to fit in the pocket of your jeans. That's what makes the slim wallet writer so perfect. It fits in my pocket along with my cell phone and I hardly notice it's there. I use one side for random notes and the other for grocery lists, etc. The build quality is great. It's very cool and I love having it in my pocket on a daily basis. I do, however, wish that the paper had horizontal lines on one side and vertical lines or blank on the other. I've always found grid to be quite annoying. I'm not trying to draw graphs on the fly... March 6, 2008
A Great Gift I gave the Slim Wallet Writer along with a box of refills to my brother who is a pediatric oncologist for his birthday gift. He says he loves it and will use it often. I think it's a beautiful and practical gift, especially when personalized. March 1, 2008
Simple elegance The perfect solution to always having a bit of paper close at hand. I bought one for the car and one for my pocket and now every important thought finds a home. February 2, 2008
A note taking solution I have been looking for a handy note taking solution. I have tried 3x5 cards and PDAs. The Slim Wallet is perfect for me. It is small enough that I slide into my pants or shirt pocket. When I need to make a note, it is readily at hand. The wallet is well made and the three pockets are perfect. I use one for my business cards, one for blank cards, and the other for cards with notes to be processed later. February 2, 2008
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