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International Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Saddle
  • International Pocket Briefcase®, Black

International Pocket Briefcase®

Price: $69.00
Item: AL5960
A folding pocket briefcase and leather notepad
Use our pocket-size leather notepad to take notes and keep them organized. Our International Pocket Briefcase is a handy travel companion that's also a 3 x 5 card holder. It dispenses fresh 3 x 5 cards and keeps completed ones separate. It holds business cards, ID and a pen, too.
  • 2 pockets for 3 x 5 cards
  • 2 pockets for business or credit cards
  • 4W x 1/2D x 5 3/4H
  • Durable full-grain leather with a silky-smooth texture and contrasting topstitching
  • ID window with keyhole cutout for easier removal
  • Sleeve for a pen
  • Stash pocket for receipts
  • Top stash pocket for bills
  • Writing surface for 3 x 5 cards
  • Can also hold a passport
  • 2.4 oz
Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991
International Pocket Briefcase 4.6 5 40 40
Awesom I have been looking for something like this for work and I could not be happier with the pocket briefcase. The ability to store multiple different cards and a 3x5 note card for on the go notes is perfect. The quality of the leather is awesome and I could not be happier. Thank you Levenger!!!!!!!! May 28, 2015
Great addition to a Smart Phone I have own two of the pocket briefcases, lost my first and reorder as quickly as I could. For me it has been a great addition to a smart phone, holding business cards and notes from those impromptu meetings in airports and elevators. Note: The lost pocket briefcase will never be turned into lost and found, the person finding this item instantly recognized the value and keeps it for themselves. January 22, 2015
Fulfilled Wish I had wanted something professional looking to hold index cards for years. I often wondered whether the "International Pocket Briefcase" was "too much," that is, too bulky. I also wondered if I would find its storage space insufficient. When a Levenger told me the IPB was now available in purple, I could not resist. Despite this being the age of the instant message and the camera phone, there are times when I have needed to give people notes. The color, however, is what persuaded me. I've owned it for less than a month and have already used it for 3 notes. Handy little thing. August 19, 2014
Outstanding Great quality that I've come to expect from Levenger. Plenty of room to keep receipts, cards etc. with an added plus of a top pocket to stash your cash!!! May become my everyday wallet!! July 24, 2014
Really Meets My Needs I was looking for a passport case that would support my needs for taking up less space. This really meets my needs. There is room for all my cards, passport, cash and even to take notes. I highly recommend it, July 21, 2014
convenient for all purposes easy to carry, easy to write on, more room for notes, cards,etc. than I expected. Noticed positively by others. July 17, 2014
This thing is great! I've used this thing as my primary wallet for about four years now and I'm quite satisfied with my purchase!!! Being able to take old-fashioned notes anywhere anytime is more awesome than you can possibly imagine. While Levenger's product photos show this item in pristine, new condition, what they don't do a great job of telling you is that this thing is sturdy as heck. Any good wallet will get worn yet remain sturdy after a few years' worth of use, and that describes this thing as well. Think of your dad's old wallet, I guess. My only misgiving is that it feels a bit large for the front pocket of my pants sometimes. That may be a big deal to some but it's not too much of an issue for me. Levenger also makes business card wallets (and also ruled/grid business cards) that might be more your thing, and I have every reason to believe they will provide you with decades of trouble-free use as well. You can purchase this with or without the Pocketini pen. I use and prefer a Parker Jotter myself, which is a bit larger in thickness but actually fits quite nicely and snugly. May 28, 2014
Twice Told Tale Approximately 35 years ago, I bought my first and only, until now, international pocket briefcase. Decided to treat myself to a new one. I truly wish that all the other purchases I've made in the last 35 years turned out as well as that one. And I'm happy to see its relatively the same product. I plan on buying a third one, in about 35 years. January 14, 2014
Fits perfectly in shirt pocket The photos do not show it, but the folio opens up across the top to stuff things inside like receipts or notes. I put my Levenger fountain pen inside the pen sleeve and it also fits perfectly; I was afraid that I'd have to settle for a pocketini pen. This was a present for my fiance and I'm sure he will love it; he's been looking for something nice to replace his pocket steno-pad for taking notes. October 19, 2013
Just what I wanted All ratings are basis of the price point of $60+ USD. An excellent value. Have this item in the saddle color; feel the pictures in this ad are true to hue. Imagery is also accurate as to leather finish, stitching, general construction as is the representation of the extra cost embossing. Checked with a ruler, all dimensions are accurate. Tried my Passport in it, it does fit (in pocket beneath the card holder side), but it's snug. Best to carry a very thin pin if you need this feature. Not noted is that all surfaces are finished with either leather as shown or with a robust textile. Textile is some type of woven synthetic fiber, very light in color. Stitching is uniform and relatively fine on all seams, exposed or hidden. It compares very well with another much more expensive wallet I own. About Function: This item meets my personal requirements and expectations in every regard. But, if you need to carry more than two credit cards it might be an issue. There is room for more in the flap pocket, yes, but they'll be loosely bunched. A checkbook is out of the question. A feature not noted at all that has great benefits is the currency pocket. Neither the imagery nor the text picks up on this. The flaps are much too short for USA currency; it sticks out a good 3/4". Instead when you lay the wallet flat you have a full-length pocket that is a full 7 3/4" wide and 5 1/2" deep. But the pocket has a pocket within it. So, there's a shallow pocket that accepts flat US currency perfectly and another much deeper one for foreign currency that can be much larger. Nicely done. The pen pocket has been critiqued in other reviews. It's easy to see why. It's just too short for standard length pens, they stick up so far from the top of the sleeve that they are going to be prone to slip out and the clip of standard pen is just not long enough to get a good grip. In addition the wallet in not "tall" enough to properly hold a standard click-able ballpoint. The click button sticks all the way out of the leather. This is true of pens 5 3/4" in length. The sleeve is only 3 3/4" deep so, look for a shorter pen, with a deeper reaching clip and consider one that's rather thin as well. Of all the Levenger offers the Lamy's seem most suitable. They have long clips and the clips grasp their full length, not just at the end tip. But, they are neither thin nor short. The 3 x 5 card holding pocket is both good at holding a card and you can write on a card with a smooth and firm surface underneath. Sweeteners: The product packaging for Levenger products is uniformly excellent. It's nicely refined in materials, finish and color and the elastic band that closes the box is properly attached and of long lasting material. As a gift, it presents extremely well. When opened the wallet is gently wrapped in a very soft of well-finished material which you unfold to expose the wallet. A keeper all of it. These next may change without warning (the are not advertised at all) but I received sample 3x5 cards and a transparent sheet magnifier that fits perfectly in the interior 3x5 pocket. The cards are card stock not a thick paper--if you use a fountain pen, no worries. The card samples are of the Things to Do list, Horizontal Line note type and the Graph Grid type. All are two sided printed. The Things to Do card has the same graphic on both sides as does the Horizontal Line Card. The Grid card is printed with horizontal lines on the reverse. The type count is 5 Things to Do, 3 Horizontal Line and 2 Grid. The sheet magnifier works perfectly and comes in a protective sleeve to help with scratches over time. All in all for my needs this is a delightful purchase and I most certainly recommend it to you and to my friends. September 12, 2013
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