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Saddlebag iPad® Sling

Price: $199.00
Item: AL12395
A stylish and lightweight leather iPad bag
Here’s an easygoing way to carry your tablet computer and a few essentials—just sling this lightweight leather saddlebag over either shoulder. Crafted in silky-soft full-grain leather, au naturel to bring out the expressiveness of the grain, the Saddlebag iPad Sling offers lots of storage for your daily travels.
  • 2 exterior side stash pockets
  • Rear slip pocket
  • Padded interior slip pocket is just right for iPad
  • 3 more stash and 2 more slip pockets inside
  • Strap adjusts from 19–23 inches and can be worn on either shoulder
  • Magnetic flap closure
  • Silky, textured, au naturel full-grain leather
  • 11 1/4W x 4D x 11 1/2H; just 1.4 pounds
Saddlebag iPad Sling 4.2 5 14 14
Classy & cool Extremely satisfied with my ownership of this saddle sling bag, a dream fulfilled after wishing it for years. Pricey, yes, but class and quality cannot be compromised. This product can probably be improved on by making the sling just a little bit longer, say 3" more. Shipment is secured and accurate as declared upon purchase. April 25, 2014
Don't leave home without it. I'd been looking for a man purse for awhile when I found this. It is perfect, given that I now don't go anywhere without a tablet of some sort. It has the typical Levenger high quality that I have found in all the other leather goods I have purchased from them. There is the problem of the short strap, though. This is mentioned in several of the other reviews, too. Doesn't Levenger believe in focus groups, or field testing? Do they consider designers gods who can do no wrong? No shame; people can, and do, make mistakes. The length of the strap is one of them. It turns an A++ design into a B-. They should offer a fix to disgruntled buyers like me. An extension strap would do the job. Others have also mentioned the weakness of the magnetic closure. The magnet can only be so strong on something that is going to hold electronic devices, but there are alternatives, like a simple twist lock (in brushed nickel, not tacky brass). I'd buy Levenger's other man purse in a heartbeat but simply cannot afford it at this time. I'll try to make do with this one for the time being. April 3, 2015
My big pocket I rally dislike any bulky items in my pockets. This bag served to me for more than 11 years, DAILY CARRY. I don't recall the day without it. So it cost me about $20 per year and counting. Now I am buying one for my son. March 7, 2015
almost perfect This bag, like all lavender products, is of the highest quality. The leather is supple, touchable, beautiful. The capacity is also perfect. I like to travel light but I do like to carry some electronics journals, and a variety of pens. Perfect capacity! The only thing that did not live up to my expectation was the magnetic "latch" strength. My things were not secured" inside the bag, especially when I carried it, the magnetic closure system would not be sufficient token the bag closed. Fix that and you'll have the perfect mens sling at any price. January 29, 2015
HuntingtonJack I am underwhelmed by the quality of this item. The leather appears cheap. I hope it will weather and gain some luster. My primary complaint is that the main exterior flap is secured with a magnet rather than a secure buckle. Likewise, the interior provides no zippers or secure areas. What were they thinking when they designed this case? January 15, 2015
great product I like this bag it is of good quality and craftsmanship a little larger than expected but thats not all bad. December 25, 2014
Great Bag - Except for the Magnet Closure This is a very nice bag. The leather is top-quality, as is the lining. Very well made. The inside and outside pockets work very well, and the iPad pocket is large enough for an iPad inside a light sleeve. It would be nice to have an inside pocket with a zipper or Velcro closure, but it's not essential. The only problem that I have with this bag is the magnetic closure. That is why this is not a five-star review. The magnet does not always keep the bag closed - if the bag tips over, there is a not-insignificant chance that the contents will spill out. That is a problem if you are carrying a tablet. Also, the magnet is a single point, so there is no tightening it if you have less in the bag than usual. Finally, after seven or eight months of use, the interior magnet came loose and is floating around the lining of the bag. The magnet knocks two starts off function, and one off quality. With a functional closure, this would have been five stars in both. Despite the closure issues, I would definitely buy this bag again - just with the knowledge that I would have to have a new closure mechanism added. September 2, 2014
Sling I love this bag!. The only problem is that the magnet is not strong enough to hold the bag closed. I'll have to get a shoe shop to install some sort of better closure so I don't walk down the street with the bag gaping open. August 26, 2014
Perfect - after modification This is my second sling. I bought the original 10? years ago. It was a beautiful smooth oxblood leather -- but electronics are getting bigger, and the bag wasn't! This one is 10% or so bigger. The inside pockets have been moved to the front -- excellent change! It's the standard Levenger leather -- smooth & soft but may not be as durable as the last bag. It holds everything: Outside side stash big enough for two pairs of glasses. Inside pockets big enough for phones etc, but just a little too tight for a small hard-cover Moleskine -- we needed another quarter inch. Ipad, journal, AND big headphones, etc. Correct dimensions for all my stuff. Sits high on your back - but that's where it belongs. Design modifications: 1. The old bag relied on a pin to keep the cover closed. This one uses a magnet. The magnet is not strong enough to keep a loaded bag closed. This would have required me to return the bag, but it is otherwise nearly perfect. So I had my shoemaker add a pin (dead center under the buckle). Problem solved. 2. The sides bulge out. The cover flap would not keep out rain. Two rivets pinning the sides more firmly to the Ipad slip resolves this entirely. Photographs show modifications. So now it's almost perfect and I can retire the old sling. I'm going to miss the oxblood leather, though. June 28, 2014
Great quality I bought this bag for travel and to use as a purse when I arrived. I have a large wallet from Levenger and it crowds my other bags. I would like a bit more security on the clasp and inside pocket perhaps but all in all it is great. June 5, 2014
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