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Professional and Functional This was my third maybe fourth iPad folio purchase. The combination of having the iPad on the left and a writing pad on the right makes this the perfect combination and I couldn't be more pleased. Its appearance is professional and always elicits compliments. August 28, 2014
A bit disappointed I ordered this because being left handed I couldn't use the i pad and the note pad at the same time. This one lets you switch both the I pad and note pad to the other way so it really helps. The only thing that I was disappointed in was the closure. Using an elastic band to hold it shut makes it look cheep and is already beginning to stretch out like the waist band of a pair of old underwear. A simple strap with a snap closure would have worked so much better. August 19, 2014
Simplified a great deal Purchased the iPad folio a while back. Tried a great deal of the gimmick folios but none afforded me the ease,storage and utility as this product does.the quality of the product is excellent and the fear of damage while traveling is now down to ZERO. Equally important was the shipping. Shipped in a sturdy outside box and a beautiful contained box on the inside shows class and concern for you customer. July 17, 2014
Love This I received this IPad folio as a gift from my brother. Lucky me! It looks great and functions well. There are times when I do need to write notes, so the note pad feature adds value for me. I highly recommend it! March 1, 2014
Overall, the iPad folio is easy to use and very nice looking. February 22, 2014
Serves a dual purpose Bought this to hold my new iPad Air, I'm a building contractor so their are times when I need both the iPad as well as paper to jot notes, with this and the easy ability to remove the iPad for pictures it has reduced the amount of items I have to lug around a job site or take to meetings, the only down side is it doesn't quite fit the iPad air tightly so it moves around slightly and the buttons have to be realigned to use. February 8, 2014
Best Value I looked online and at office supply stores or a I-Pad case I could be proud to carry. This one screams professional. I was at first hesitant because of the price, but after seeing the product and packaging, it was money well spent. I am buying one for my sister as well. February 1, 2014
Excellent Product I was a little hesitant to purchase this product because of an earlier review. I decided it looked like what I was searching for and ordered it with the intention of returning it if it didn't meet my expectations. I can't believe that anyone could be dissatisfied this beautiful ipad portfolio. The leather is exquisite and fits my ipad perfectly. The positioning of the ipad to view or make calendar changes is perfect for my use. It is compact and easy to take to meetings. I like that I can jot notes on the smaller tablet and enter action items or deadline dates into the ipad. My contacts are at my fingertips without having to thumb through my phone. Larger documents are easily retrieved from my ipad and I don't have to print them out or haul my laptop to the meeting. This takes up much less space on a crowded desk or conference table. Superb quality, beautiful leather) well designed, great value, and fast shipping. Couldn't be happier. January 21, 2014
Wanted it to be more like it looked I want it to be what it looks and feels like--a beautiful leather that looked like it would perfectly combine technology protection and the option for old school writing on the neat notebook included with a place to keep the ever elusive pen. Sadly, it appears to have 3 main flaws for my use. 1) I just bought the newest iPad & when put in place & angled as described, it slides down making the bottom untouchable. The only way I've been able to make it work without continually pushing the pad up & trying to hold it is by shoving Kleenex in the gap at the bottom. 2). When it is angled for typing, the 45 degrees is a bit flat to see clearly; either you can't see anything if you recline or you have to lean over it if you are at a desk. It seems to need a small clamp to hold some of the extra leather together in back. 3). The final difficulty with this product may just be personal preference, but I expected to be able to jot notes on paper while my iPad was in typing position. However, the only time both the pad & notebook are revealed simultaneously is if it's open like a book with one on each side or if the iPad portion is removed from its magnets. The only problem with these scenarios is that one loses support for the iPad; it only works on a desk, & if I wanted that, I would have bought a less expensive cover to protect my iPad & a bigger notebook of my choice. I haven't decided what to do about this product. The Kleenex helps & I'm sure I can find a clamp to help the angle issue, but I'm used to getting a superior product for my money at Levenger's especially when it's one that is in this price range. I'm not sure if its worth the extra $ of a return just for another shot in the dark. The perks on this could be the best I'll get--the beautiful soft leather, the ideas that almost fulfilled what it strived to become. Almost, but not quite. Despondent in Chicago, LuvLev December 2, 2013
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