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Circa Book Author Kit 4.3 5 3 3
Provide the inspiration The Levenger Book Author Notebook is a great purchase. All a potential author needs to add is the inspiration. I find all of the Circa products helpful, but this item has especially proved to be a trusty tool. BGR February 1, 2008
A useful tool I utilize this as part of the editing process! February 1, 2008
Very Useful! This kit comes with enough supplies to make 2 junior-sized circa notebooks and leave you with extra pages for later use. Each of the pages has one design/layout on one side with an alternate design on the other. The circa method makes it easy to put these notebooks together and the pages are unique, making it very customizable to your liking and needs. I can write out manuscript pieces, jot down notes/thoughts, and even illustrate with the use of these pages. The multiple circa notebooks makes it easy and nice to divide my writing project into categories as well. There are only a few things that I think would make this kit even better. These are my suggestion... Once you make the notebooks you will have extra pages as well as some extra circa rings. There seems to be nearly enough to make a 3rd circa notebook from this kit. It would be great to make 3 circa notebooks from this kit. I have found that 2 are nice but I require the use of at least one more. I'll probably buy another Authoring Kit. Alternately, having a refill option would nice too. It would also be nice if the front translucent covers had an small area to place a label into. Lastly, my circa rings came in a plastic (non-resealable) bag. I appreciate that the rings were not roaming loose in the box, however, it would be nicer to have a storage unit for the extra circa rings. Something like the storage tube you see in the item picture above. For now I provide my own storage for the extra circa rings. Then again if I had just enough to make a 3rd circa notebook, that would negate my need to store the rings. I am overall very pleased with my Authoring Kit. It serves a very useful purpose for me and I would recommend this product. October 17, 2007
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