Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
  • Circa Compact Daily Planner Refill 2015
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Circa Daily Planner Refill

Price: $15.00-$92.00
Item: SPR615
Please allow 2 business days to prepare your order (plus shipping time)
A day planner with room for big plans
Need a day planner and calendar with more room? Our quarterly Circa Daily Planner agenda offers two pages per day, including an hour-by-hour scheduling section, a Things To Do checklist and plenty of room for notes.
  • Each quarter sold separately
  • Daily planner agenda 
  • Monthly breaks allow you to insert our Monthly Tabs & Pullout Calendar (Letter, Junior and Compact sizes available separately)
  • Each day is on 2 facing pages
  • Left-hand pages offer time slots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for scheduling
  • Right-hand pages for to do lists and notes
  • Personal information page
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries pages
  • Yearly Planner pages
  • International dialing codes
  • 60-lb white text stock
  • Compact, 3 3/4 x 6 3/4
  • Junior, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H
  • Letter, 8 1/2 x 11
Circa Daily Planner Refill 3 5 5 5
Too much & not enough I use a compact agenda with the leather foldover cover. I like the compact size, which fits nicely in a pocket in my purse. I ordered this refill thinking that a daily 2-page spread was what I wanted, but the compact size just gets too thick if I add more than 2 months of pages. I also realized, now that I'm retired, that I don't need an hourly breakdown of my day. This would have been a great tool to use when I was working but a bit of overkill for me now. Other than appointments and a few scheduled events each month, my days are pretty much my own. I noticed that the refill set doesn't come with the monthly 2-page calendar, which I tend to use frequently. Perhaps this could be added or offered as an independent refill pack. As far as quality goes, I found the pages easy to read and the paper quality fine when using my favorite ballpoint pen. January 29, 2013
Poor Paper Quality I agree with other reviewers. The paper is a lot thinner than previous years. I move my pages around a lot, and don't think the punched edge will hold up to the wear and tear. I also noticed eraser marks will lift the lines/printing on the page. I do all my calendering in pencil and this creates problems. If these pages are "printed to order", I 'd like the opportunity to reorder them with heavier paper. January 7, 2013
Downturn in Paper Quality I've been using Levenger since 2009 and really enjoy the flexibility and versatility of the Circa system. I was disappointed this year when I put my new 2013 calender refills and noticed the paper quality went down from previous years. I use a fountain pen and my fountain pen runs on these pages, but never before. In a side-by-side comparison the new paper is much thinner than before. I hope this is fixed next year. December 27, 2012
Disappointment I was so excited to try these Circa daily planner pages, however, while the appearance, layout and writing room are terrific (thus meriting the 3 stars), my problem came when attempting to erase. I use a mechanical pencil for my planning so that I can erase when appointments & meetings inevitably change. When I went to erase on these refills the lines erased as well! A simple pencil eraser will remove anything printed on these refills. So, I switched to a Pilot Frixion erasable pen (they erase with friction rather than by rubber absorbing graphite) to see if that would work better. Nope, it was a disaster. Not only did the lines erase, but the erasable ink failed to come off, leaving a blurry smeared mess on the page. Sadly, I have put the refills into my book already in preparation for the new year, and added some events, otherwise they would be promptly returned, as they were not cheap. Suffice to say, I will NOT be purchasing the next quarter. I guess if you're using a fountain pen (or other standard ink pen) and do not wish to use mechanical pencil or erasable ink, these would be fine. But pencil users beware! Note: this issue does not appear to affect regular lined or annotation ruled inserts. December 26, 2012
Disappointing daily planner refill What a disappointment. I've used the circa daily planner for years. This year's refill is on much thinner paper, the ink looks very faded, and the days are smaller and harder to read at a glance. I hope you improve on this next year. November 26, 2012
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