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Circa Junior Agenda 4.5 5 52 52
Best Agenda I used to purchase a new style every year, but I have been using this agenda for three years now. I love it! October 23, 2008
Great Helper This little helper is great! It lays flat or folds back on it's self. It's small enough to fit in your medium size purse or your laptop bag but big enough to have plenty of room to write notes. I love using it and like the lay out. You can add pages if you need an extra one here or there. October 22, 2008
Wonderful Agenda Levenger agendas are a wonderful organizing tool. October 22, 2008
Excellent day planner I have used day planners for 15 years, all types and sizes, but this was the best in terms of function and overall value. I have purchased extra paper and use it to hold most everything I need. Well worht the investment. The easily interchangable pages are great to use and track projects. August 18, 2008
In Love with Circa!! I recently got a few Circa products on sale and I am sooo glad that I did! I have this agenda and it will replace my dayplanner next year. I love the paper and the space you have to write things. Far superior to any weekly planner out there! Also, Circa lets you remove and add pages--all without opening rings! This is nice for one handed operations! I also have purchased the leather folio--small one. I have ruled sheets in that one and purchased the plastic dividers. I can put all my to do's in there and remove them and put them in my agenda for reminder. I am saving for the big folio to put my 2009 planner and note pages! Oh..and the punch too! Circa DEFINATELY ROCKS! July 31, 2008
Makes me keep flipping back and forth I got an agenda set with a leather cover, agenda pages, and monthly tabs. I cannot figure out how to get the monthly tabs to go in the things without covering pages up and splitting them at the wrong point, making me flip back and forth to the pages with the calendar-view month. Each new month needs to start on a new page, not run together... July 19, 2008
One of the best agendas on the market Last December, I was looking to find an agenda for the upcoming year, and searched far and wide for the perfect planner. Being a college student, I don't have many 8-5 appointments and didn't need the time markings. I like having monthly and weekly planning pages without time constraints. I love my Circa agenda. It's very flexible for my life and customizable to what I need in an agenda. It's great to have the accessories for page finders, monthly tabs, rulers, etc. The rings are nice and sturdy so they can withstand traveling in totebags. I will never buy another agenda besides a Circa. July 13, 2008
About Average I do like the fact that it has the plastic cover and lies flat. I would like each monthly calendar be with its month. And monthly tabs included would be nice also. I would love to have to folio to put it in; however, $98 is just a little pricey for my blood and all the ones on sale were gone. Other than that, it's a pretty good deal. April 7, 2008
Dissapointed After reading all the other reviews of this product, I was really looking forward to using it....sorry to say it does not fit my needs. The month-at-a-glance pages are all in the front rather than with the actual month, which I find awkward to use; there is not enough space in the week sections for me to write what I need to keep track of; there is no secion on the weekly layout for notes of things that I need to keep track of on a weekly basis. In the past I have used the Dayminder monthly/ weekly planner that is the same size as the agenda that I purchased, but they have discontinued the format that I liked so much and you now have to buy it with a big bulky cover. I also feel that as a Baby Boomer, the agenda's print is too light / too small for me to read easily. The Circa agenda might be good for some, but I can't use it and feel that I wasted my money. Big dissapointment. March 6, 2008
I prefer a Sunday through Saturday format, but other than that, I like this product. Clear, easy to read, lots of holidays listed so I don't disturb international friends in the middle of something, plenty of room to write appointments, etc. March 1, 2008
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