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Functional & Beautiful! The seafoam/celadon junior size notebook has been a life saver. The pocket dividers help me stay organized and I find myself keeping it with me at all times. Wonderful! July 22, 2013
Beautiful and Function I ordered the Celestial/Sky color combination, and absolutely love it. The color on the screen isn't quite true-to-life, and doesn't do the binder justice. I've already received compliments on my binder, and look forward to using it for many years to come. July 17, 2013
FANTASTIC WITH JUST ONE CONCERN I recently purchased this as an add on to my Circa Notebooks. The color is great - just concerned about what appears to be some bubbling of the leather. I am hoping that this concern will prove unneeded. However, there does appear to be some rising and disconnecting of the leather on the back of the notebook.....otherwise the product is great. June 9, 2013
Classy Nothing's better than Italian leather and in my professional, male-dominated world I get tired of black notebooks! The Celestial Sky letter size notebook impresses clients with it's unique color and obviously classy, professional look. Not sure if a guy could pull off the color with clients, but it's great for me. Why work with ho-hum black leather when I can stand out with a gorgeous Levenger notebook? This notebook sets me apart.... June 1, 2013
Gorgeous! My new turquoise leather notebook is a welcome addition to my Circa collection. In my retirement I'm concentrating on duplicate bridge, and receive copied lessons from different books and teachers constantly. I needed a letter size notebook to hold them, and I love it. May 13, 2013
Absolutely beautiful, but... This letter size notebook in Seafoam/Celadon was an early Mother's Day present for me - at my request - because I love Circa products and fell in love with this beautiful leather cover at first glance! Receiving it as a gift, and knowing my husband was able to get it for 20% off with the catalog code, made the price a little easier to rationalize. This is one of those complete indulgence purchases, because as my husband has commented several times, I already have many Circa notebooks and there was no true "need" for this. As a busy mom, business owner, PTO president and hopefully soon-to-be school board member, it was an indulgence I know will get put to good use. My notebook arrived yesterday and the color is as gorgeous as it looks in the catalog and online. It is incredibly soft and just looks stunning. I added just a few accessories to it and it is ready to go, but... The front and back covers are both slightly warped so they curve away from the paper as they move further from the discs. I have my notebook sitting under a pile of several heavy books at the moment in the hopes the warp will go away, because I don't want to let this out of my hands, warp and all. I have not yet decided if I will try to exchange for a replacement cover as I love it so much and want to use it RIGHT NOW and don't want to wait for the new one after I return mine. I will see what the rest of the day brings for the cover sitting under books, but I may have to bite the bullet and send it back as the warp, while not excessive, is enough to be an annoyance to me. In the meantime, I swapped out the standard black rings that came with the Junior notebook from the Sampler Kit with the matching 3/4 inch Spectator discs (in Celadon/Seafoam) I received with the notebook. I found one of my favorite scrapbook paper patterns to use as an insert and have a lovely matching set. I will be using the junior notebook while my new leather notebook sits below dictionaries, thesaurus, etc. At least I have the wonders of Circa to allow me to move those pages into my new notebook when it is ready to go! I still love my Circa - just wish this one wasn't warped :( May 2, 2013
quality product Love love love it!!! Wonderdul quality product, and so useful! Love the wonderful colors!! April 13, 2013
Absolutely beautiful notebook! Is it worth the price for these colors? Hmmm. I've had my Seafoam green junior size for a couple weeks now, and I'm not regretting it, but looking at the price it's hard to justify it. Easier when I forget the price... That said, since I assume you can figure out for yourself if it's worth it, this is the lovliest thing I've ever received from Levenger. The leather is such a pleasing color - inside and out. I love using it as my daily notebook because it's such a calming and beautiful color. As always, the workmanship is sublime, and the spectator discs and matching lining are the perfect added touch, as is the perfectly coordinating stitching. If the value of worth is that I don't reget buying it, then it's well worth it. I smile every day when I take out my notebook, and I will be carrying it for years. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this piece. If you're on the edge, don't miss out on these limited editions. The color is not to be missed. A few other thoughts for those who are wondering... The inside is also a beautiful leather in a corresponding color - only the parts in black are plastic. Also, the pen loop, while mainly made of matching leather, has a bit of black elastic to ensure it fits all but the absolute broadest of pens. It easily fits all of my fountain pens, even a Pelikan M800 (and would stretch further). The rings are 2-tone "spectator" - one side's center is dark and the ring is light, and the other side's center is light and the ring is dark, with thin stripes on the sides of the ring. It makes for an interesting look, and really adds to the look of the piece because it ties in the color of the cover and the lining perfectly. April 1, 2013
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